Could Sora travel to Star Wars universe in Kingdom Hearts 4?

Star Wars could be a fresh crossover in Kingdom Hearts 4 (Images via Square Enix, Disney)
Star Wars could be a fresh crossover in Kingdom Hearts 4 (Images via Square Enix, Disney)

The worlds of Kingdom Hearts 4 and Star Wars could come colliding if the minute details shown in the trailer come true. News of the new game was announced at the Kingdom Hearts 20th-anniversary event. The event took place to commemorate the release of the first game. It has been a long series journey and is set to extend further with a fresh storyline.

The games are known for their affinity with Disney characters, and there are rumors of Star Wars entering the fray.

When Kingdom Hearts 4 releases, it will be a brand new timeline of events. The game is supposed to be set after the occurrence of Melody of Memory, and as such, there could be many new things fans can expect. One keen expectation from the fans will be to see some new and exciting crossovers. Star Wars fits the bill, and its chances are pretty high as per recent speculations.

Kingdom Hearts 4 could get a brand new crossover in the form of Star Wars

The speculation comes based on the reveal trailer shown yesterday to the global audience. There was a specific scene in the trailer that supposedly shows the foot of an AT-ST walker.

It's not entirely clear if the foot is of the discussed subject. As of now, nothing official has been announced to any degree, and it's pure speculation. However, an image via Arstation shows the amplified part of the trailer, which has a strong resemblance to an AT-ST walker.

The resemblance of the foot (Image via Pinterest/Art Station)
The resemblance of the foot (Image via Pinterest/Art Station)

This has led to speculations on the part of the community. Some believe that the environment could be Endor, featured in Return of the Jedi. If this turns out to be accurate, Kingdom Hearts 4 might become the first game in the series to feature Star Wars.

If the sci-fi series makes its way into the new game, it could have significant ramifications for both games in the future. While it can't be said with certainty about Sora's future journey, there's a solid case to be made.


So far, more classic Disney characters have been featured in Square Enix's action-adventure series. Yesterday's trailer was also announced by Sora's famous mates: Goofy and Donald. However, the Star Wars entry will signal a new direction for Kingdom Hearts games in the future.

As far as factual information is concerned, Donald and Goofy are set to return as Disney characters. Strelitzia's mysterious character, which is about to debut, is described as:

"A mysterious new character who appears before Sora in this strange new setting."

There are no dates as to when Kingdom Hearts 4 will be released. With the teaser trailer not revealed, one can expect that the development is currently going on. If Disney's sci-fi franchise enters the fray at the time of the game's release, it will be less of a surprise.