"Spat on the face of old gen customers": Cyberpunk 2077 community divided with decision to stop major updates on older-generation consoles

CD Projekt Red has decided to not continue development for the older generation consoles (Image via CD Projekt Red)
CD Projekt Red has decided not to continue development for the older generation consoles (Image via CD Projekt Red)

Cyberpunk 2077 was given a new shot at life on September 6 if the news from the special evening stream was anything to go by. The much-promised expansion is finally coming, although that won't be before 2023.

Sadly, older generation console users won't be able to enjoy any of that or what's there in the future.

CD Projekt Red has announced that last night's patch 1.6 will be the last major update provided to older users. Whatever development will be taking place in the future will be concentrated solely on the current generation consoles.

While the development team hasn't explained the rationale behind its decision, it could be due to performance issues.

@CyberpunkGame Really spat in the face of your old gen customers though

For whatever reason, many have been left unhappy with this recent decision. Cyberpunk 2077 was initially released on what used to be the current generation of consoles.

Since the release of the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, plans have changed. With CD Projekt Red going down a different path, many players are uncertain about potentially playing the title on their Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

CD Projekt Red stops major support for Cyberpunk 2077 on the very consoles it had launched on

There hadn't been any rumors about CD Projekt Red making this difficult decision, especially since Cyberpunk 2077 came before the current generation of consoles. Earlier in 2022, a next-generation patch was released, greatly enhancing the game.

CD Projekt Red seems to believe concentrating on the newer consoles will be the correct way to move forward. Sadly, this also means many gamers have now been left in the dark. While they can still play and enjoy the title, all new additions will skip those consoles.

One user feels the game shouldn't have only been released on the older generation consoles. However, that would have meant even more delays to coincide with the release of newer consoles.

@CyberpunkGame Thx for letting old gen go and concentrating on current gen+pc. If you've started it the same way things would've surely turned out differently. Also thx for (altough slowly) fixing and adding all features that was promised to us. Keep up the good work chooms!

With the new expansion and other significant updates no longer coming to the older generation consoles, some fans are quite irritated. One feels it's lame on CD Projekt Red's part to abandon so many console users altogether.

It is pretty lame that #CDProjektRED have completely abandoned old gen by making #Cyberpunk2077 Expansion not available for Old Gen #cyberpunk @CyberpunkGame

Some are quite happy as they feel that one of the major issues of Cyberpunk 2077 was it running on older consoles in the first place. They felt that it prevented the game from fulfilling its full potential.

@coco4993 @CyberpunkGame No! This is the reason why cyberpunk was in this mess , they wanted to please the fans which I respect but old gen hardware cannot cover this game . Stop being unreasonable, old gen is over

Another Twitter user is quite happy with CD Projekt Red concentrating all its efforts on new consoles as they feel the older ones are outdated.

Not gonna lie, I’m actually really glad that they are gonna be prioritizing current gen + PC after patch 1.6 #Cyberpunk2077Old gen is kinda outdated at this point, they would need to spend more resources and time on both old and new and now with way more focus on next gen they

One fan finds it quite bizarre that the entire game can be played without any issues on older consoles, but there could be problems with the upcoming DLC.

@CyberpunkGame so you're out here telling me that you can play the base game on old consoles but not the dlc huh talk about an incomplete mess for old gen

It seems that for some, CD Projekt Red may have betrayed them by discontinuing active development on their consoles. This is even though these console users have supported Cyberpunk 2077 since the first day.

@CyberpunkGame @SDeath00 Why ignore people that buy old gen version and have been supporting the game since day one???

Another user expressed that they have never heard of a game whose base version will be available on older consoles, but its expansion/DLC won't be.

@Nibellion I never heard any example of game that released on Previous Console and DLC for next gen only, anyone with an example?

Some cited examples of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Horizon Forbidden West, stating that the problem is with CD Projekt Red, not the consoles.

@adshenz @Nibellion But game like RDR2 or Horizon 2 run well on previous gen.So it's not a console problem, but an bad devlopment.

It's pretty clear how CDPR's decision has divided the Cyberpunk 2077 community. Owners of current generation consoles feel the Polish gaming studio is proper in their decision. They feel that the older consoles are to blame for their poor performances.

On the other hand, many players now feel a sense of unfairness. The bigger confusion is because the game will continue to be playable, but the DLC and any future additions won't be. This will also increase expectations on the developers as fans will expect better execution this time.

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