Dead Drop glitch earns players unlimited killstreaks in COD Vanguard

Use Dead Drop for easier killstreaks (Image via Activison)
Use Dead Drop for easier killstreaks (Image via Activison)

Dead Drop was already a fantastic way to earn some of the best killstreaks in COD Vanguard, but a new glitch has made the field upgrade even more powerful. Players can now earn nearly unlimited killstreaks as long as they know how the new glitch works.

Bugs are nothing new to COD Vanguard so far, but this latest killstreak glitch was introduced when Sledgehammer attempted to fix the Dead Drop field upgrade.

Dead Drop allows players to save the progress that they made on their killstreak, even after they die. The latest fix was meant to limit the highest killstreaks to once per match for Dead Drop, but the bug reverses that intent.

How does the Dead Drop glitch work in COD Vanguard?

Players who want to use the glitch need to have Dead Drop equipped, and whenever they want to attempt the bug, they should use the field upgrade. Considering how fast Dead Drop charges, finding an opportunity to use it should be fairly easy.

Before players can even attempt to utilize the Dead Drop bug, they will need to reach their highest killstreak. This could be something as low as a Spy Plane, or players could go all the way up to the Attack Dogs. Either way, players need to reach that final killstreak with Dead Drop activated in that life.

Once that killstreak is reached, the true fun can begin. First, players should use the initial killstreaks that they earned and then they can simply die and respawn.

Upon respawning, players will see that their killstreak meter is filled to the final streak once again. At this point, only one more kill will be needed and players can call in their final streak all over again.

Each time players respawn, they should continue to activate Dead Drop so that the cycle can continue. The recharge rate on the field upgrade is one of the best aspects of the ability in COD Vanguard.

Is there any official response to the Dead Drop glitch in COD Vanguard?

So far, Sledgehammer has not commented on the bug and there has been no confirmation that it is an issue they are working on.

Of course, the bug is a big problem that impacts the flow of matches when one player ends up getting multiple Attack Dogs in a single life. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved soon in COD Vanguard.

Edited by Siddharth Satish
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