Disguised Toast officially announces the roster for his professional League of Legends team featuring FakeGod, Zeyzal, and GoldenGlue

Disguised Toast announced the roster for his LoL team on June 2, 2023 (Image via Disguised Toast/Twitter and Sportskeeda)
Disguised Toast announced the roster for his LoL team on June 2, 2023 (Image via Disguised Toast/Twitter and Sportskeeda)

On June 2, 2023, popular Twitch streamer Jeremy "Disguised Toast" took to Twitter to reveal the official roster for his professional League of Legends team. His squad will compete in the North American Challengers League (NACL), and will consist of the following players:

Top LaneAaron "FakeGod"
JungleTomio Phanlith "Tomio"
Mid LaneYoung Ho "Young"
ADC (Attack Damage Carry)Brandon "Meech"
SupportTristan "Zeyzal"

Team DSG will be coached by League of Legends veteran Greyson Gregory "GoldenGlue." The 31-year-old personality's most recent social media update reads:

"Fake God is related to Faker" - Disguised Toast talks about his official League of Legends squad on his livestream

Earlier today, Disguised Toasted hosted his team's first official show match against the "Meme Stream Dream Team," also known as Delta Fox. Before unveiling the lineup, the Twitch streamer claimed that the event was put together "within 12 hours":

"Well, while we're just going to wait, I'm going to say who's going to be on Team DSG. I know people are going to get upset, but actually, I don't have the stick men drawn yet. I promise I will draw them ASAP (as soon as possible), as soon as we're done (with) this. But, we put this entire thing together within 12 hours, and I've just been running around."

The OfflineTV member announced that Team DSG will face Team Liquid on June 10, 2023:

"Okay, so... I guess you guys know Team DSG is playing in the NACL. Our first game is next week, on the 10th. We're playing against Team Liquid. And, the players who are going to be on Team DSG - it's already been leaked yesterday... but I'm just going to show the lobby now. It's going to have all five members of Team DSG and the coach."

Timestamp: 00:12:30

Disguised Toast then revealed the League of Legends roster, saying:

"On Team DSG, for the 2023 Summer Split of NACL... we have Zeyzal as our Support. We have FakeGod as our Top Laner. We have Tomio... as our Jungler. We have Young as our Mid Laner, and we have Meech as our ADC."

The former Facebook Gaming streamer made a comment in jest and added:

"Yeah, FakeGod is related to Faker. And I just realized my League of Legends name is Buster of Bussy. Which, honestly, is not very professional."

Fans react to Disguised Toast's announcement of his League of Legends roster

The Twitch star's announcement has gained quite a lot of traction on Twitter. Here's what the online community had to say:

In addition to an LoL team, Disguised Toast also owns a professional Valorant esports team. At the time of writing, the FPS squad comprises Steel, Genghsta, Clear, Exalt, Nerve, Yay, and Riku.

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