Dota 2 esports: Rage quit in South American DPC League's upper-division shocks fans

The South American DPC League has concluded (Image via OGA)
The South American DPC League has concluded (Image via OGA)

The Upper Division of the South American DPC League saw some drama on its last day, in what could have been the last Dota 2 game of the season.

On the final day of the South American Upper Division, NoPing Esports was scheduled to face Beastcoast. NoPing was on top of the table with a 6-0 record. Meanwhile, Beastcoast was 2nd on the table with a record of 5-1.

Their match would have decided the two South American representatives at the next Dota 2 major, the WePlay AniMajor. However, some drama unfolded during the third game of the series.

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The latest controversy in Dota 2

During the first game of the series, Beastcoast outdrafted NoPing and dominated them in the early to mid-game with their Timbersaw. After a 5-man wipe from Beastcoast, William "hFn" Medeiros called "GG" and disconnected from the game at 22 minutes.

NoPing were losing the game very badly, so not much attention was given to this. However, the same thing happened again in game 3. Jose "Panda" Hernandez called GG and disconnected at 24 minutes this time.

His teammates initially said it was a misclick by him, before calling GG themselves. This time, NoPing had a very narrow lead over Beastcoast, and the community instantly realized that Panda had rage quit.

Rumors of internal conflict immediately started to spread, forcing NoPing to issue a public apology on Twitter. The players have been heavily criticized for their behavior by the Dota 2 community, since their loss meant that Thunder Predator's chances of qualifying for the Major were gone.

Thunder Predator, the 3rd placed team in the league, would have had a chance at qualifying for the Major if NoPing had won the game. They issued a statement on Twitter appealing to Valve and OGA to take disciplinary action against NoPing.

Another player from NoPing, Farith "Matthew" Puente, talked about the situation on his stream. According to Matthew, Panda suffered a panic attack during the game after making a series of mistakes and was on the verge of crying. The stress that comes with playing Dota 2 had apparently gotten to him.

Beastcoast's victory secured them qualification to the Major, alongside NoPing. However, the teams faced each other again just a couple of hours later in a 1st-2nd place tie-breaker.

This time, a composed NoPing defeated Beastcoast 2-0 to secure their play-off slot. However, their victory will remain tainted thanks to events that took place during the previous series.

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