“I called him out for being a bully”: Doublelift on how TSM tried to sue him after accusing Reginald of verbal abuse

Reginald allegedly had a penchant for verbal abuse towards TSM employees (Images via TSM and Team Liquid)
Reginald allegedly had a penchant for verbal abuse towards TSM employees (Images via TSM and Team Liquid)

Former League of Legends professional player Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng opened up in a recent stream about the new set of allegations against TSM CEO Andy “Reginald” Dinh.

In light of a news outlet describing the workspace in the organization as toxic with a “volatile CEO,” Doublelift revealed that TSM had tried to sue him after he accused Dinh of verbal abuse.


While going through Reginald’s response to the allegations on TSM’s subreddit, Doublelift stated:

“I still have the letter of when he threatened to sue me for the first time I called him out for being a bully, who silences like the voices of his like underlings, and then he tries to threaten to sue me for disparaging his company.”

The former League of Legends pro even revealed that he had sat with his lawyers to find out if he could really be sued and decided he would keep quiet on the matter, as he had already made his point.

Reginald allegedly had penchant for verbal abuse toward TSM employees

A leading American daily’s report does go into a great deal of depth, talking about the amount of abuse and mistreatment employees had to go through at TSM.

The report consists of numerous statements from both current and former employees of both TSM and Blitz. Many testimonials showcased the fact that TSM had a work culture of fear. One account even went as far as to allege that Dinh fired the org’s head of human resources weeks after hiring them because the person “asked a question that Andy didn’t like.”

The mistreatment, coupled with arbitrary terminations and verbal abuse, made employees fear him and avoid meeting Reginald at all costs. Even Blitz’s former program manager Anthony Barnes alleged that many employees did not want to meet with Reginald alone because of these very reasons.


Barnes stated in the report:

“Nobody wanted to be in a one-on-one meeting with Andy because you had no witnesses. I mean that literally. Who knew if Andy would scream or yell at you, degrade you, be friendly, or just be confused or inquisitive? You weren’t sure what Andy you were going to get. But the more people on the call, the more likely Andy wasn’t going to be a complete volcano.”

Former employees also feel that their employment statuses with TSM and Blitz were misclassified as contractors and not employees. Doing so inadvertently changed the benefits that employees are entitled to.