Dragonball FighterZ Master Roshi gameplay footage released

(Image Credit: TheGamer)
(Image Credit: TheGamer)

Dragonball FighterZ recently announced that Master Roshi would join the cast of playable characters, and has since been highly anticipated. Earlier today, a gameplay video was suddenly and unexpectedly released showcasing this unique character and some of what he has to offer.

Dragonball FighterZ Master Roshi gameplay video


This video came from the V-Jump YouTube channel, a Japanese magazine publisher’s associated YouTube account. Following a short but exciting introduction featuring our host talking to an animated dragon, they begin playing the game and showing a bit of what Master Roshi can do.

Part of what makes this character so highly anticipated is the way in which the developers designed him with his character in mind, limiting his access to an otherwise universal technique (super dashing) in order to remain true to the character from the associated manga and anime series’.

Because Master Roshi never bothered to learn to fly unassisted in any of the Dragonball properties, his character in Dragonball FighterZ is similarly unable to fly. Instead, he gets around using a kamehameha blast and getting launched into the air off of the recoil. While this doesn’t allow him to simply fly up to his opponents in the air, it does give him a type of air control unique in Dragonball FighterZ

How will Master Roshi fit into the Dragonball FighterZ roster?

We can’t be certain where Master Roshi’s niche will be. Fans of the show will likely play him for his character, and the faithful way ArcSys reproduced him for Dragonball FighterZ, while competitive players are already speculating that his unique tools will allow him to play into a mix-up archetype.

Alternatively, because Master Roshi won’t be limited to merely dashing at his opponent, he may be able to dance around in neutral in order to choose a more optimal engagement and frustrate aggressive players.

Master Roshi will be released into Dragonball FighterZ on September 16th for owners of the FighterZ Pass 3, and as a standalone DLC on September 18th.