#Dreamisafreak takes over Twitter as Minecraft YouTuber accused of grooming

Dream accused of grooming? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Dream is under the scanner (Image via Sportskeeda)

#Dreamisafreak has been trending on Twitter after a user named Anastasia alleged Minecraft star Clay "Dream" tried to groom her via various social media platforms when she was a minor. Grooming describes an adult trying to coax a minor into establishing a s*xual relationship, usually via online texts.

Anastasia released several screenshots which allegedly showed Dream on Snapchat and Twitter attempting to make s*xual advances on the then 17-year-old girl. For context, the Minecraft YouTuber was 20 at the time and would be considered to be of legal age.

YouTuber responds to #Dreamisafreak trending on Twitter

Dream has shared three separate tweets from his alternate Twitter account (which is private) in response to the allegations of pedophilia and grooming. In several posts, Dream denied the accusation and called it "false."

He also implied that false allegations hurt real victims of s*xual assault whose cases get pushed to the background because they might not become a high-visibility story.

The following are the posts from fans:

What Anastasia claimed

17 at the time, Anastasia alleged that Dream dropped suggestive texts to her via social media. She added that Dream had delayed his face reveal due to his apprehension regarding the alleged pedophilia.

The user provided a few screen recordings to prove that the screenshots were not doctored. In one chat, the Minecraft YouTuber appeared to be making explicit remarks to the minor. Here are a few of the screenshots that the victim professed:

Furthermore, she asserted that she didn't need to provide any proof or "receipt" to anyone. She added:

"If you don't belive someone but have no proof to prove them wrong then keep it to yourself."

She added:

"I'm just showing people my truth who may be fans of his unknowing he did things against their own morals."

It should be noted that she has also blocked Dream from Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok. Her Twitter account is private.

Fans react to the allegations

Twitter erupted with the #Dreamisafreak. However, there remains a section of fans who have sided with Dream. Some have also claimed that the screenshots may have been engineered to look suspicious.

The following are some of the reactions:

#Dreamisafreak is making the rounds with a host of memes:

It remains to be seen if Anastasia will file a formal charge against Dream. Regardless of the outcome, the drama has stirred up the community. The fallout will become more evident in the days to come.