“SO HAPPY FOR YOU” - Fans share heartfelt comments as Dream finally meets viewers at TwitchCon

Dream visits 2022 TwitchCon (Image via Sportskeeda)
Dream visits 2022 TwitchCon (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fans have reacted to Clay "Dream's" post celebrating the first fan meet-up of his career in the ongoing 2022 TwitchCon. For those unaware, the Minecraft streamer did a face reveal which was viewed by more than 35 million people on his channel.

Prior to that, the 23-year-old announced that he would be visiting San Diego to attend the TwitchCon event along with fellow "Dream Team" members Nick "Sapnap" and George "GeorgeNotFound."

The Minecraft community has flooded Twitter with various pictures and clicks of themselves with the trio. The Minecraft star himself expressed his delight to have met his fans in private for the first time. Reacting to his post, one fan exclaimed:

Fans react to Dream's first fan-meet at TwitchCon 2022

Day 1 TwitchCon ended up being a festival for many Minecraft fans as they finally had the opportunity to meet Clay, Nick, and George. Although the trio will be residing in Florida, they have traveled to San Diego TwitchCon to greet their fans.

As stated earlier, Twitter has been filled with several pictures of Clay with his fans as well as memes regarding their invitation. Here are some of the reactions that were shared:

The trio were also joined by Karl Jacobs and Quackity. Both have been gaming associates of the aforementioned Dream Team for a long time and are also part of the popular Minecraft server, Dream SMP. Here are some of the posts involving them:

Will Dream be present on Day 2 and Day 3 of TwitchCon?

Clay is expected to be present in the next two days of the 2022 TwitchCon. Although he does not have a formal meet-and-greet booth, his friends George and Sapnap will have their personalized areas. Hence, it would not be surprising if fans find Clay during their time at the event.

The event is being held at the San Diego Convention Center in California. Fans looking to personally greet him (or any other creator) are urged to collect their passes/badges at the earliest. The event will be open to fans from 8 am (local time).

A look at other creators at TwitchCon 2022

TwitchCon is the most celebrated streaming event of the year. Over the years, it has managed to attract the biggest of names in the gaming community and it is no different this time around.

The 2022 San Diego TwitchCon will be visited by major social media personalities such as xQc, Pokimane, HasanAbi, loltyler1, LIRIK, NICKMERCS, EsfandTV, Scarra, Symfuhny, and ShahZam (Among others).

For more details on the event, click here.