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Eight Fortnite images lead fans to speculate about upcoming skins

(Image via Epic Games)
(Image via Epic Games)
Modified 08 Feb 2021

A Fortnite Twitter user, ShadowOpsFN, has discovered eight images within the Fortnite Creative Hub that have led many to speculate whether they are upcoming skins or merely promotional images.

The eight images feature characters posed with a North American Football team, suggesting that these images were planned for the Fortnite crossover with the NFL.

However, the level of detail and creativity behind these designs suggest that they could also be candidates for upcoming skins.

Who are the eight characters in the Fortnite promos?

These eight designs show characters that would feel right at home in a game of Fortnite. They seem to be partly inspired by NFL mascot designs, with very dramatic silhouettes and a strong emphasis on brand identification.

These characters feature an electric polar bear, a red valkyrie, a glowing lion, a smug lord pug, a mask wearing man with mech wings, a neon emblazoned warrior, a futuristic player, and an aquatic quarterback.

Part of the confusion behind these designs is that they seem to be fully realized characters ready for implementation in Fortnite. It’s very unlikely that Epic would have gone through the effort to have these designs made, had them added to the Fortnite Creative Hub, and then simply forgotten to use them.


People believe these characters will eventually be made into skins because if they were merely promotional material, they would be used for the NFL event a few days back.

Fortnite skins and where to find them

The major downside with these kinds of discoveries is that there simply isn’t enough coinciding information to contextualize these designs. Their discovery has led to a lot of questions and almost no answers.

Why were they added to the Fortnite creative hub? What is their purpose? Will players ever get to see these characters in-game? At the moment, there isn’t much to do but speculate, and if anyone does know, they don’t seem to be talking about it.

Fans should keep an eye out for where these designs might pop up in the future. If the work of creating these images has already been done, and fans are already showing interest, then it’s likely they’ll come to Fortnite someway in the future.

Published 08 Feb 2021, 00:20 IST
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