"No man, the OTK ult!" - Twitch streamer Emiru reacts to Mizkif's Thanatos skin in SMITE

Emiru cringes at Mizkif's skin. Image via Sportskeeda designers
Emiru cringes at Mizkif's skin. Image via Sportskeeda designers
Shreyan Mukherjee

Matthew "Mizkif "has revealed his skin for the multiplayer online battle arena game called SMITE.

The One True King, abbreviated as OTK, co-founder features in the game as a skin for the playable character Thanatos, who is among the playable gods in SMITE.

Fellow Twitch streamer Emily "Emiru," reacted on stream to Mizkif's skin in the most amusing way, which was clipped and shared multiple times, including on the subreddit r/LivestreamFail by user u/daiceninja on Thursday.

While her overall reaction was one of seccond-hand embarrasment, the highlight was when she saw the OTK logo:

"What the f*** is that...what is that? man, the OTK ult."

Emiru makes fun of of Mizkif's skin that projects the OTK logo during the ultimate move

While hosting a games expo earlier this week, The One True King co-founder went on to reveal that he will have his own exclusive skin for the playable game character called Thanatos, the Greek god of death.

Mizkif gets his own Smite skin

While watching the OTK co-owner's skin battle it out in the game, Emiru could not help but laugh. She proceeded to say:

"What the f*** is that! No! (laughter) I am so ashamed of being in this ORG...."

The Twitch streamer and cosplayer was visibly cringing at the entire video clip of the skin. After striking with 'Death Scythe,' the screen popped up with an OTK symbol and an egg-shaped face with a crown on its head, which is believed to be the 27-year-old.

Emiru sunk into her seat, away from the camera as she tried concealing her apparent embarrassment at watching the in-game skin for the first time.

(Timestamp: 31:14)

With a forceful smile on her face, she added:

"When he ults, there is a giant OTK logo on the map. That is horrible. I am so ashamed....its huge. Its like a third of the lane, its like half the f***ing lane."

Fans talk about Emiru's reaction to the OTK founder's Thanatos skin

Since the release of the skin, the Twitter and Reddit communities have shared their views. Some have seen the reason behind the launch, however others were bemused by the sight. Some users even saw the funnier side of the whole situation.

SMITE gamer Emil Evensen or Lawbster, who was previously the mid laner for SK Gaming, had this to add to his Twitter page:

Some SMITE thoughts on Mizkif + Skin etc Promoting smite in front of 200,000 people is about 99.8% more valuable/efficient than promoting smite in front of people who already play the game.If you are disappointed about him getting a skin and voicepack ->1/2
remember that you are not disappointed for SMITE. This is great for SMITE. It's honestly embarrassing reading reddit.This is a fun thing, anyone remember fun?wake up, grow up, stop stream sniping.-ex SPL guy who played smite since 2012
Me playing Smite with the new Mizkif skin

Reddit users had their say about the skin as well, and one had this to say about Mizkif:

Despite the mixed bag of reactions, SMITE remains a very enjoyable game and possesses a close-knit gaming community. Miskif himself occasionally plays the game on his Twitch channel named after himself.

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