Everything to know about updated XL Candy in Pokemon GO

Image Via Niantic
Image Via Niantic

XL Candy has allowed Pokemon GO players to increase the CP of their Pokemon past level 40. Since its release, the XL Candy has been largely untouched, but the Season of Legends brought some new changes.

The changes to XL Candy are considered a quality of life update, and they were made to make it more manageable to obtain.

In the past, getting the XL Candy to increase high-level CP was certainly a more difficult feat that involved a bit more luck. Now, there is more guarantee for when players can get a hold of XL Candy for their Pokemon.

One of the first changes is geared towards trades of higher-level accounts. In all cases, players must be level 40 or above to receive XL Candy at all, which is the basis of Pokemon levels.

Pokemon GO players at level 40 or above can now trade their Pokemon for a chance to get XL Candy. As a secondary bonus to the trades, the Pokemon GO blog states:

"The chance of receiving a Candy XL will increase the greater the distance between Pokémon catch locations is."

The next change to XL Candy is a simple addition to rewards for walking with buddy Pokemon. Walking with a buddy in Pokemon GO will now give players a chance for XL Candy as long as the account is at the right level.

A final change, which is also likely the most crucial, is aimed at evolutions and Legendary Pokemon. Catching any Mythical, Legendary, or evolved Pokemon will now guarantee players XL Candy.

This explains why there are so many evolved Pokemon hanging out in the wild now, and it's certainly likely that trend will continue.

The purpose of XL Candy in Pokemon GO


All Pokemon GO players under level 40 don't need to worry about any new version of Candy. However, Pokemon GO changed the level cap to level 50 in late 2020 and added XL Candy to the game.

XL Candy allows players to increase the CP of their Pokemon after level 40. It's a new system that adds purpose to the late-game section of Pokemon GO. Earlier candy obtained by players will no longer be as useful for Pokemon that are at a cap.

The good news is XL Candy has become much easier to obtain, and it can save players a lot more time in the future.

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