Fact Check: Will Hogwarts Legacy have a New Game Plus mode?

Why should Hogwarts Legacy get a New Game Plus mode? (image via Hogwarts Legacy)
Why should Hogwarts Legacy get a New Game Plus mode? (image via Hogwarts Legacy)

Hogwarts legacy early access is finally going live in a couple of days for those who have pre-ordered the game's digital deluxe edition.

The RPG has garnered an incredible amount of hype over the last couple of months, and fans of the Wizarding World are quite excited to find out what Avalanche Software is bringing to the table with their upcoming title.

With the early access period set for February 7, 2023, there has been a fair amount of curiosity amongst the community members regarding some of the features that they will be able to enjoy in the game.

One of the more popular questions amongst fans is whether the game will have a New Game Plus mode and, if it does, what will be carried over to it from the base game.

Unfortunately, for those who were looking forward to an NG+, Avalanche Software is yet to confirm the existence of one on release, and based on early reviews of the title, Hogwarts Legacy does not currently have it. However, likely, it's an NG+ that might just get added to the game in the coming months.

Why should Hogwarts Legacy get a New Game Plus mode?


While Hogwarts Legacy might not be dropping with an NG+ mode, Avalanche must addit's one in the coming weeks, as it will be one of the more welcome additions to the game for many who are enjoying the game.,

As the game features the Legacy House sorting system that dictates the House Common Room the player gets and a part of how some portions of the narrative and exploration play out, an NG+ mode will come in handy.

It will allow players to replay the title with the same items and upgrades they acquired in the base mode but tackle the narrative with a slightly different approach than their first playthrough by choosing a different house.


This will provide a fresh gameplay experience and allow players to discover things they could not do in their initial run.

Hogwarts Legacy is packed with many core gameplay features and many areas to explore inside and outside of Hogwarts. It's more than likely that players will require multiple playthroughs of the game to get the Platinum trophy and be able to explore every single secret that the RPG has to offer.

Early access to the RPG will go live on February 7, with the game officially dropping on February 10, 2023.

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