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Fan creates “hell mode” wires task in Among Us

(Image Credit: @zertoerer on Twitter)
(Image Credit: @zertoerer on Twitter)
Modified 13 Nov 2020, 02:08 IST

A fan recently created a “hell mode” version of one of the most common tasks in Among Us.

Tasks in Among Us are meant to be more time consuming than difficult, but a fan reimagination shows how extreme the wires task could be. The wires task already has some problems of its own, but this version would make almost everyone dread it.

How would Among Us function with these wires?

While the specific version created by the fan here is probably too drastic, it wouldn’t be that hard to imagine variations on the wires task that would allow for greater difficulty and randomness in the game.

Currently the wires task in Among Us has a surprising amount of depth that can be used by skilled players against newer players. Creating further variance might make it more difficult for players to call someone out for taking too long at a certain task, or for performing wires out of order.

This would ultimately be a boost to the imposters, so it wouldn’t be right for every Among Us playgroup. If wires ranged from giving players three easier tasks to giving them one difficult one, games would end up more varied and fresh,

Wires have earned a small reputation in Among Us

The wires task is one of the most abundant and repetitive tasks in Among Us, and its abundance has earned it a small reputation among the players. Wires in particular have also earned a bit of notoriety for being one of the most colorblind unfriendly tasks in the game prior to the redesign that added shapes to help players with identifying them.


Additionally, wires is usually one of the first tasks that beginner players can identify and begin to understand, which in turn leads to beginner imposters using wires as their go-to task when they need a task to fake.

Because of this, the wires task is also where most beginner players first learn how common tasks work. This happens when beginner imposters fake wires without realizing that no one was assigned wires during their game, effectively outing themelved as imposters early.

Of course, it would be simple enough if the wires task never got more complex than that, but Among Us throws in even further complexity by creating a sequential order for the wires tasks to follow. While there is still some degree of randomness, Among Us assigns the wires tasks in a set order which can be used by players to help further identify imposters.

Because of this dynamic, the wires task generally progresses from the first simple tasks for beginners to fake, to something to be avoided by beginner imposters at all costs.

Published 13 Nov 2020, 02:08 IST
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