“Is that Dream?”: Fans lose it upon seeing a familiar face in Bella Poarch’s latest Dolls teaser

Fans react to seeing a familiar “face” in Bella Poarch’s latest Dolls teaser (Image via- Bella Poarch/Twitter)
Fans react to seeing a familiar “face” in Bella Poarch’s latest Dolls teaser (Image via- Bella Poarch/Twitter)

Popular Minecraft streamer Dream has a peculiar trait that makes him different from the rest of his peers. The streamer has never revealed his face to his viewers, choosing to conceal it under a white smiling mask instead.

As such, whenever fans get a hint regarding the popular gaming star's true appearance, they tend to become ecstatic. Although Dream has always been busy with his streaming schedule, a new music video may have finally revealed another side of the creator.

Tiktok sensation and popular social media personality Bella Poarch recently unveiled a horror-filled teaser for her upcoming song titled Doll. The clip features YouTube Gaming sensation Valkyrae and Minecraft legend Dream, leaving the internet obsessed.

Dream appears in Bella Poarch's upcoming horror-filled music video Dolls

The rather short teaser for Bella Poarch's upcoming song Dolls features the singer holding and looking at the seemingly unconscious Valkyrae in her lap, with tears rolling down her face.

The background is engulfed in flames, with the duo still wearing their iconic outfit from Poarch's Build a Bitch. The aesthetic clearly signifies the story's continuation from the singer's previous song and takes place in the same factory as well.

The TikTok sensation then glares at the camera and lets out a rather terrifying scream. The shot subsequently pans out to depict a couple of television sets, suggesting surveillance measures. The clip then reveals a mysterious dark figure who is nefariously watching the duo on television.

The mysterious figure shoots a swift glance to the side, revealing Dream's signature smiling white mask. Suffice to say, viewers were overjoyed with this reveal.

Following Bella's initial announcement regarding the upcoming song, a series of suggestive tweets were shared between the creators. These tweets then teased Dream's possible appearance in the video.

Fans react to Dream's appearance in Bella Poarch's upcoming music video

As expected, fans were more than delighted with the Minecraft streamers' cameo. Many are already speculating if he will appear in the music video as his eponymous moniker or reveal his face.

All in all, the internet is more than eager for Bella Poarch's upcoming blockbuster, not least because of the Minecraft sensation.

Anticipating a marvelous work of art, fans won't have to wait for long as Dolls is set to release on July 15, 2022.