Valkyrae, Bella Poarch, and others react to MrBeast's real-life Squid Game proposition

Valkyrae, Bella Poarch, and others react to MRBeast hosting IRL Squid Game (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valkyrae, Bella Poarch, and others react to MRBeast hosting IRL Squid Game (Image via Sportskeeda)

Internet celebrity MrBeast has stirred up quite the conversation online after proposing to host a real-life Squid Game. Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson is one of the most popular YouTubers, and he is known to go all out in his videos. He invests in massive creations and puts in thousands and millions of dollars to make his videos interesting to his audience.

Living up to his reputation, MrBeast has resolved to go all out in his upcoming real-life Squid Game video. He has given a rough estimate of about a month to prepare everything for this video. The YouTuber is going to recruit 456 random people and is also planning to build replica sets for the video.

Keeping in mind his previous videos, it could be possible that MrBeast would offer millions of dollars as the prize for the winner of his version of Squid Game. Naturally, not only are his fans excited about the event, but there are several other YouTubers and Twitch streamers who want to be a part of it.

Popular Twitch streamers and YouTubers want to join Squid Game hosted by MrBeast

Within a few hours of tweeting about this real-life Squid Game video, several other internet celebrities had eagerly expressed their intent to participate in his video. This includes the likes of Valkyrae, Karl Jacobs, Bella Poarch, Sapnap, Ranboo, TinaKitten, and so many others.

Streamers such as Valkyrae, Ranboo, and Bella Poarch want to join in as participants and deliver interesting content to their fans.

There are several other creators who also want to participate in the video but not as players. Tina Kitten and Karl Jacobs want to be guards, while Trainwrecks wants to sponsor the Squid Game video.

Trainwrecks just wants to be one of the VIPs in this Squid Game and roast the losers. The popular Twitch streamer is also willing to contribute half of the prize pool for this privilege.

Fans are desperate to join in on the real-life Squid Game

The goal of Squid Game is to help out a person who is debt-ridden and struggling in life. As soon as the video was announced, several fans who wanted to win the money announced their willingness to be part of it.

It would be interesting to see these games play out after MrBeast is done with the preparations. Fans will have to wait about a month before the real-life Squid Game video comes out.