FIFA 23 crossplay hits major barriers as PC cheats makes the anti-cheat useless

The cheats allow players to take unfair advantages in the game (Image via EA Sports)
The cheats allow players to have unfair advantages in the game (Image via EA Sports)

A major change in FIFA 23 is the implementation of crossplay, which includes PC players in the same pool as current-gen PlayStation and Xbox users. This decision might now turn out to be a poor one, thanks to certain individuals who have recently developed cheats for the popular game.

Cheaters have targeted video games from the FIFA series in the past. So far, it has been restricted to the PC scene due to an inability to use cheats on a console. The difference between the platforms has now been reduced with the arrival of crossplay. While the new system has its benefits, some have taken advantage of it incorrectly.

According to the community, some have already developed cheats on PC, allowing them to gain an unfair advantage in FIFA 23. This has happened even though EA Sports implemented an anti-cheat in the game. If legit, this will be a major headache for the developers, especially with the implementation of crossplay.

FIFA 23 crossplay faces a major threat in the form of cheats, despite a countermeasure in existence

One of the FIFA 23 community's biggest fears is turning out to be true. Many were wary about the introduction of crossplay, afraid that it would result in console players having to deal with PC players cheating. This has turned out to be true, as Twitter user @AsarJR_ revealed just how dangerous these applications can be.

The user managed to sneak into one of the secretive Discord servers where these softwares are being sold. These malicious applications allow players to gain unfair advantages over others, causing problems for those who play the game fairly.

The application tampers with some of the game's base parameters and creates unfair results. This includes scenarios where any shot can be turned into a green-timed one, and all cards have 5* Weak Foot. Anyone who plays FIFA 23 fairly won't be able to replicate this in-game, but will understand just how advantageous this can be.

At the same time, this raises questions about EA Sports and its anti-cheat system. There have already been some major issues with the system for PC players, which stops them from enjoying the game. All of this will likely result in an even bigger loss of face as the anti-cheat might fail where it's supposed to work.

It will be interesting to see what kind of steps EA Sports takes to curb this potential problem. If left unchecked, it could develop into a major debacle for what is essentially the last FIFA game to be released.

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