FIFA 23 leaks hint at FUT World Cup Phenoms Rodrygo and Rafael Leao coming to Ultimate Team

Two special cards about the upcoming promo has been revealed (Images via Twitter/FIFATradingRomania, Twitter/FUT Sheriff)
Two special cards about the upcoming promo has been revealed (Images via Twitter/FIFATradingRomania, Twitter/FUT Sheriff)

With the FIFA 23 FUT World Cup Phenoms promo coming up soon, Rafael Leao and Rodrygo have become the latest footballers to get leaked online.

The latest information comes from reliable leakers FIFATradingRomania and FUT Sheriff, who made the news public at almost the same time. There have been earlier leaks about the promo as well, and the latest ones are sure to get fans excited.

🚨Rodrygo 🇧🇷 is listed to come as World Cup Phenom🔥🔥Stats are prediction👋Make sure to follow @FutSheriff and @Criminal__x !#fifa23

The FUT World Cup Phenoms is going to be the next content themed around the mega event. EA Sports has introduced plenty of fresh content, allowing players to improve their squads in different ways. Much of the additions are fresh and will be exclusive to this year's release.

The FUT World Cup Phenoms promo is set to introduce new cards of footballers who are young and talented. Featuring U-24 superstars, it might become a favorite of the FIFA 23 community in no time. Rodrygo and Leao are two footballers preferred by the community and could further amplify them over the coming days.

Leao and Rodrygo's FUT World Cup Phenoms cards might be ranked very high in the FIFA 23 meta

Rafael Leao has some great cards in FIFA 23, starting with his base version. Due to the high numbers of dribbling and pace, players prefer the Portuguese star. His leaked FUT World Cup Phenoms card will likely reflect the same, with possibly even higher pace and dribbling stats.

🚨Rafa Leao 🇵🇹 is added to come as WC PHENOMS✅Stats are predicted❌

Many FIFA 23 players quickly completed the recent Serie A POTM challenge to obtain Leao's card. Those who have missed out on it can try again, but it will likely have quite a high cost. This is due to how well the stats work in the game's engine and boost the chances for players to score and set up goals.

Like Leao, Rodrygo is gifted with trickery and pace, which has seen him establish himself in the national team's colors. Based on the predicted stats, he will get an 87-rated RW card. It will have a high pace and flair, and many meta users will likely prefer it.

It remains to be seen how Rodrygo and the others coming as part of the FUT World Cup Phenoms promo will perform in the meta. Recent times in FIFA 23 have seen the emergence of some great cards that have performed well in a competitive sense.

Only time will tell what the upcoming promo will do in terms of performance. As usual, players will find the cards from different sources, including objectives and challenges.

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