FIFA 23 leaks hint at Richarlison TOTY Moments coming to Ultimate Team

A special card for Richarlison is rumored to be released soon in the game (Images via EA Sports, Twitter/FUT Sheriff)
A special card for Richarlison is rumored to be released soon in the game (Images via EA Sports, Twitter/FUT Sheriff)

It seems that FIFA 23 will have plenty of content in the coming days, and the Richarlison TOTY Moments card is the latest to get leaked. This information comes from reliable leaker FUT Sheriff, who divulged the details on their social media accounts. It will add to the long pipeline of special content set to appear in the Ultimate Team mode over the upcoming period.

What will delight many is that the upcoming card will be part of an objective or SBC. The ongoing promo has added some truly amazing cards, most of which have been part of the packs.

While players can open as many packs as they want, it can be costly. Moreover, there's no guarantee over what rewards players will get, and there's a strong possibility that they will not get a special item.

Alternatively, the SBCs and objectives are much better as the rewards are guaranteed. For example, if players complete all the Ilkay Gundogan TOTY card objectives, they will be guaranteed to earn the card. They will neither have to open any additional packs nor will they have to spend any more coins.

Rumored Richarlison TOTY Moments card could be a bonus gift for all FIFA 23 players

This makes such additions perfect for many, who might have even more choices once the Richarlison TOTY Moments card is released in FIFA 23. It's unclear whether the card will be introduced as an SBC or in the form of objectives.

Moments cards are a celebration of the footballer's career highlights, and the upcoming one goes back to the recently concluded FIFA World Cup.

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Richarlison scored a brilliant bicycle kick against Serbia, one of the highlight moments of the special tournament. Naturally, it has stayed on the minds of many even though Brazil made a premature exit from the tournament. It's also the moment that has given birth to the rumored Richarlison TOTY Moments card.

Plenty of information remains to be uncovered surrounding the upcoming card. If introduced as an objective, FIFA 23 players will have to complete a set of assigned tasks and will be completely free to obtain.

If introduced as an SBC, the Richarlison TOTY Moments card will have a certain cost. However, the grind for players will be less, and they can instantly unlock the card with the required amount of fodder.

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In terms of SBCs and objectives, a lot more is set to appear in FIFA 23 over the next few days. Juventus superstar Paul Pogba is rumored to be getting a Flashback card, which will likely be a part of SBC.

Plenty of more special challenges are in store for players, and it will be interesting to see how EA Sports manages the launch schedule.

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