FIFA 23 leaks hint at Robbie Keane FUT World Cup Hero card appearing as a SBC

A FUT World Cup Hero is set to appear as a SBC (Images via EA Sports, Twitter/FUT Sheriff)
A FUT World Cup Hero is set to appear as a SBC (Images via EA Sports and Twitter/FUT Sheriff)

Robbie Keane's FUT World Cup Hero card will soon be available to all FIFA 23 players, who can add it to their Ultimate Team squads. This information is part of the latest leaks by reliable leaker FUT Sheriff. These unique cards are scheduled to go live later tonight with the release of the promo.

While these cards will be available in packs, the odds of getting them will be rather low. The demand for these unique edition cards will be high as they will arrive with better stats than their standard Hero cards. EA Sports has also collaborated with Marvel to create special card designs on the occasion of the FIFA World Cup.

🚨Sheriff 🇮🇪 is coming via SBC🔥🔥🔥🔥I mean, Keane🇮🇪!Thanks @EAFIFADirect ❤️Make sure to follow @FutSheriff and @Criminal__x ❤️#FIFA23…

Naturally, the latest leaks will be a godsend for players as they won't have to rely on packs or the FUT market. It needs to be clarified how much Robbie Keane's FUT World Cup Hero SBC will cost to complete. Nobody knows when the SBC may arrive, and it could happen as early as tonight when the promo goes live. This is some of the vital information that players are eagerly waiting for.

If the leaked stats are accurate, players can get an incredible card for their Ultimate Team squads. The 90-rated ST card has a +2 overall in comparison to its standard version and superior stats in certain areas.


90 Pace and 91 Shooting will offer excellent potential for offensive returns in the game. Generally, very few cards have high ratings in pace and shooting, so this card could do very well in the meta.

Interestingly, the leaked stats suggest a 91 rating in Dribbling, which makes Robbie Keane's FUT World Cup Hero card even more viable in FIFA 23. It remains to be seen what kind of star ratings will be provided with regard to Skill Moves and Weak Foot. His card may offer excellent returns to players and could likely become a dominant force in the meta.

More cards will be released in FIFA 23 along with Robbie Keane FUT World Cup Hero SBC

The Robbie Keane FUT World Cup Hero card is one of several options to appear in FIFA 23. The remaining cards are likely to be part of rare packs and can be obtained using FUT coins/FIFA points. Their standard versions will be taken out of the packs when the World Cup Hero cards are live in the game.


Almost all of the cards in FIFA 23 look pretty interesting thanks to their boosted stats. Demand for these cards will inevitably be high, and they will be costly to obtain. Robbie Keane's SBC could offer an excellent opportunity for players to avoid paying for a special edition card.

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