FIFA 23 Team of the Week 4 (TOTW 4) cards released as Barcelona wonderkid Pedri gets first In Form upgrade

EA releases FIFA 23 Team of the Weak 4 (Image via EA Sports FIFA)
EA releases FIFA 23 Team of the Weak 4 (Image via EA Sports FIFA)

EA Sports has just released the latest FIFA 23 Team of the Week (TOTW 4), with some newly upgraded cards featuring the likes of Cancelo, Mount, and more. These cards have seen a boost in their stats overall. Moreover, the Barcelona wonderkid, the 19-year-old Pedri, has received his first In Form card in FIFA 23.

The last Team of the Week was quite a success, and this one is no pushover, with so many young and veteran players from most major leagues around the world getting upgrades to their base cards in FIFA 23.

Cancelo, Donnarumma, and Pedri lead FIFA 23 Team of the Week 4 (TOTW 4) promo

Manchester City left-back and PSG goalkeeper Cancelo and Donnarumma are the highest-rated cards in the promo, with a one-point boost to their overalls as the In Form upgrades kick in.

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The TOTW 4 squad also features other players, such as Chelsea's Mason Mount and AC Milan's Tomori, recognizing them for their achievements this week. Here is the full list of players included in the promo for your easy perusal.

Who is featured in TOTW 4 squad in FIFA 23?

  • Donnarumma 89
  • Joao Cancelo 89
  • Pedri 86
  • Tomori 86
  • Mason Mount 86
  • Joaquín Correa 85
  • Bruno Guimaraes 84
  • Gabriel Martinelli 84
  • Muriel 84
  • Frimpong 83
  • Joselu 83
  • Armani 82
  • Bensebaini 82
  • Fernandez 82
  • Buyalskyi 81
  • Pepe 82
  • Modeste 82
  • Valencia 81
  • Gazdag 78
  • Mario Gonzalez 79
  • Eikrem 79
  • Brenner 78
  • Van Veen 76

Some big upgrades in Team of the Week 4

TOTW 4 features some pretty good upgrades offered to a lot of promising players who have proved their worth on the field. As one of the brightest young talents in the game, Pedri is a great asset to have in your FIFA 23 Ultimate team currently. Much like in real life, his high passing and dribbling stats have received even more boosts, making him a great CM card to possess.


Cancelo's In Form boasts good pace and dribbling stats, which makes him a solid choice for the left-back position in your FUT squads. Donnarumma's 89-rated card is also one of the best goalkeeper items in the game, making him a beast on the back line.

Along with Pedri, other up-and-coming young players such as Mason Mount and Tomori also saw much-needed In Form cards, giving both a one-point upgrade to 86.


However, one of the biggest upgrades in TOTW 4 comes in the form of Gabriel Martinelli. With an 84-rated LM card, Martinelli has received a whopping six-point upgrade from his rare gold card due to his performances this season. The Arsenal midfielder scored the first goal of the match against Liverpool this Sunday within the very first minute.

Other notable upgrades include a three-point boost to Bayern Leverkusen's RWB Frimpong, who now has an 83-rated TOTW 4 card. A five-point boost to the 76-rated Buyalskyi pushes his card to 81. With an impressive seven-point rating increase, Daniel Gazdag now has a 78-rated Team of the Week card too.

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