Fort Solis, debut title from Fallen Leaf, fields Troy Baker and Roger Clark in narrative-driven sci-fi horror 

Still from the announcement trailer of Fort Solis (Image via Summer Game Fest)
Still from the announcement trailer of Fort Solis (Image via Summer Game Fest)

The newly formed Fallen Leaf Studios officially announced their debut title, Fort Solis. It is a narrative-driven space sci-fi horror game.

The independent Europe-based studio seems to have gone all-in with a focus on narrative, fielding Troy Baker, Roger Clark, and Julia Brown as the main characters of the game.

Both Troy Baker and Roger Clark are darlings of the gaming populace thanks to their roles in playing Joel in The Last of Us and Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2 respectively.


Fort Solis is being developed on Unreal Engine 5, leveraging new and improved technologies like ray-tracing, motion-matching, and more. If the announcement trailer is anything to go by, the title is surely going to be a visual treat.

Fallen Leaf’s Fort Solis fields Troy Baker and Roger Clark in narrative-driven sci-fi horror

Fort Solis was announced at the Summer Game Fest and it followed the slew of other space horror game reveals like The Callisto Protocol and Aliens: Dark Descent.

Fallen Leaf describes their upcoming title as a “single player third person thriller,” featuring “huge narrative moments that are fully playable with multiple outcomes.” Furthermore, the devs promise that player actions will “have story-changing consequences.”

Troy Baker mentioned that the title’s aim is to create a mood by blending Dead Space and Duncan Jones' Moon. Fallen Leaf stated:

“The plot focuses on the fate of two heroes - Jacek and Jessica. Responding to an SOS signal from a nearby Mars research facility, Jack heads to the site to investigate it. Tension and subsequent events begin to intertwine with a sandstorm that cuts off the base from the world.”

In November last year, Roger Clark teased the team-up in his Instagram post featuring Troy Baker and him in motion capture suits.

From the stage of Summer Game Fest, the duo talked about how modern tools like Unreal Engine 5 have played an instrumental role in leveling the playing field between AAA and indie studios. It’s clear that Fallen Leaf is going for a game that will rival titles with much higher production budgets.

Regarding the technical side of things, Fallen Leaf co-founder James Tinsdale stated:

“The graphics in Fort Solis will be top notch in terms of character models, animations and environments. Thanks to the use of the latest solutions offered by the Unreal 5 engine, including ray tracing or motion-matching system. We want to create a spectacle for players that will resemble a Netflix series more than a video game.”

Fort Solis currently does not have a firm release date. However, the game page is up on Steam and ready to be put on one's wishlist.

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