Fortnite: Lachlan joins Icon Series after officially announcing his cosmetic set

Lachlan is the newest content creator to get his Fortnite Icon series cosmetic in the game (Image via Lachlan/Twitter)
Lachlan is the newest content creator to get his Fortnite Icon series cosmetic in the game (Image via Lachlan/Twitter)
Rijit Banerjee

Lachlan has revealed his brand-new Fortnite Icon Series cosmetic way ahead of its actual release date.

Lachlan has been creating content around Fortnite for some time now, and he has developed into quite an influential figure. He is currently one of the biggest Fortnite YouTubers, and even had the Elf skin to his name. However, he doesn't need to use that skin anymore, as the developers have made him a much more realistic cosmetic in the game.

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Initially, Lachlan wanted to showcase the cosmetic on live stream at the start of his one-of-a-kind tournament. However, things went south when leakers started displaying his cosmetic on the internet. That could be one of the reasons why Lachlan officially revealed this early, as fans were frantically trying to avoid spoilers about the upcoming Fortnite cosmetic.

Lachlan Reveals His Fortnite Icon Series Skin Ahead Of Time


Earlier this week, when Lachlan revealed the official announcement of him getting a skin in Fortnite, he specifically asked leakers not to spoil the surprise for the community, as it was truly a once in a lifetime moment that he wanted to share with his fans. It was also intended as a way to reflect on his long journey towards becoming one of most successful Fortnite content creators.

Despite Lachlan's request, some leakers went ahead and posted images, with a few even claiming that the skin wasn't decrypted, and that they could access is quite easily. As a result, most gamers have seen the skin, and that might've forced Lachlan to reveal of the cosmetic on his Twitter account.

However, players haven't seen his emote, back bling and pickaxe yet, and that should remain a surprise for the tournament. Despite the controversies, players can still play in his tournament and have a shot at winning the Lachlan cosmetics for free, if they rank among the top players of their region.

TheGrefg is going to be the next content creator who gets a Fortnite Icon Series skin.

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