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Fortnite: Leaks suggest that Galactus will be coming soon

(Image Credit: Gamerant)
(Image Credit: Gamerant)
Modified 14 Oct 2020, 21:16 IST

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 has been a bit of a wild ride. The Marvel themed season has played around with ideas about how to tell stories in Fortnite, and the included characters and super powers have been implemented in fairly unique ways. Now, new leaks seem to point to an upcoming conclusion to the season, as Galactus may be coming soon.

Who is Galactus, and why does his arrival on Fortnite matter?

Galactus is one of the more devastating Marvel villains. He is a cosmic being who feeds upon entire planets to sustain himself, and exists at a scale so large and for so long that he considers mortal morality insignificant by comparison.

He is often associated with the Silver Surfer, an alien whom Galactus had granted powers in order to serve as his herald. The Silver Surfer would arrive on a planet, warn of Galactus’s impending arrival, after which Galactus would soon follow to consume the planet. During his first printed story, he arrives on Earth and is persuaded to betray Galactus and help defend the planet.

Galactus represents an existential dread in the Marvel universe, something so cosmically threatening that all sorts of Marvel characters, heroes and villains alike, might band together to resist him, sounds perfect for Halloween.

How do we know Galactus is coming to Fortnite?

The clearest answer to that is simply because we can see him. The latest update has made a certain star in the sky brighter and bigger than before, something which shines an unnaturally pink glow.

For more proof, however, Fortnite data miners have also found files in game which we believe are planned for use by Galactus. Currently, this mostly involves sound files, but there is strong reason to believe that Galactus will be involved in the conclusion for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4.


As for how that conclusion will look, we don’t know too much at this moment. There has been some speculation that Galactus, with his world-ending scale, may result in another significant change to the Fortnite map, with some even suggesting a return to the old Chapter 1 map.

However, we won’t know for certain until this story arc for Fortnite finally concludes.

Published 14 Oct 2020, 21:16 IST
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