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Patch v14.60 expected to be the last in this season of Fortnite

(Image Credit: Epic Games)
(Image Credit: Epic Games)
Modified 07 Nov 2020, 03:32 IST

This season of Fortnite should be ending soon.

A popular Fortnite dataminer has recently posted that patch v14.60 should be the last update of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4. According to his post on Twitter, there is no sign of a v14.70 patch, while there are 277 different builds for patch v15.00.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 coming to an end

This season of Fortnite has been particularly interesting. On the one hand, the season began rough when the prospect of an entire season of Fortnite was met with significant backlash. Many disgruntled players accused Epic of turning this season of Fortnite into a marketing scheme at the expense of making the season more engaging and fun.

Early issues reinforced this opinion as many of the various Marvel tie-in items were found to be poorly balanced, with many of them being stronger than players were ready for. Many believed these various superpowers were made strong to ensure that they would see regular play, but it had the consequence of making them show up at the endgame of almost every round.

However, these complaints seemed to fade slightly around the middle of the season. It can’t be said whether this was because the disgruntled players moved on from Fortnite, or if players simply got used to them instead.

One thing which has certainly helped was that, regardless of balance, many of these items were fun to get a hold of and use, although not quite as fun to be on the receiving end of.

What can Fortnite players expect from Season 5?


There isn’t much known about the next Season of Fortnite at all. Evidence suggests that the next season will feature typical changes to the map and loot pools, but little is known beyond that. Players can infer that the next season must at least naturally follow the Galactus event.

Early rumors suggested that the next season might be DC Comics themed, to balance out this season’s Marvel theme. However nothing has since been leaked or revealed to support that. Players will just have to wait until this season officially wraps up to find out what Fortnite has in store for them.

Published 07 Nov 2020, 03:30 IST
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