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Fortnite pro "Clix" nervous about possible ban by Epic Games

Clix with a fan during the Fortnite World Cup Finals, Round 1 (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Clix with a fan during the Fortnite World Cup Finals, Round 1 (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Modified 23 Mar 2021

Fortnite pro-gamer Cody "Clix" Conrod was recently warned by Epic Games for his continuous toxicity in-game.

Clix is in the news again as Epic continues to watch him during his live events/streams and overall gameplay and accounts. The NRG Esports pro is well-known for being loud and very talkative when he's playing Fortnite. He's even had issues with others on his Twitter account.

Clix grows nervous in recent stream

In his most recent stream, Clix did show signs of being nervous and trying to stay calm during his gameplay. He even admitted to it and spoke on the topic briefly.

Readers can watch the video below (timestamp 9:30):

It's clear that Clix was trying to ease back on his game as another strike might mean a permanent ban from Epic. With Fortnite being such a massive game with an immersive story for the publisher, it's understandable that they try to keep the game clean and fair overall.


Like most other big-name companies, Epic has a simple set of rules for playing their games.

If anyone gets caught cheating in any way, it is followed by either a penalization or overall ban from Fortnite. Clix has been in trouble for his toxic gameplay, using extremely foul language and saying hateful things online.

Many of his supporters., though, continue to back him up, claiming he can't be banned for toxicity.

However, if Clix is reported enough times for this, he could get banned by Epic altogether. Though most of his tweets are foul towards specific people, his overall extreme language during streams and gameplay put him at a lot of risk.

It's probably best he dials back his overall language if he wants to keep playing, especially with Chapter 2 – Season 6 barely beginning. He may turn things around as he continues to stream often, though fans will have to wait and see.

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Published 23 Mar 2021, 10:43 IST
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