Fortnite's Save the World still lives with the first 2021 Homebase Status Report

The Red Willow
The Red Willow
Rob Kalajian

With the uncertainty around Fortnite's Save the World, Epic Games is still updating the cooperative game mode, as seen in its first Homebase Status Report of 2021.

The update contained a reminder of the upcoming conclusion of both the Winterfest Season and the Powerhouse Pack on January 24th at 7 PM EST/5:30 AM IST. It also outlined a new questline, a new character, and a new item.

Fortnite's Winterfest Season and Powerhouse Pack

The first item to note was the upcoming conclusion of both Fortnite Save the World's Winterfest Season and the Powerhouse Pack availability. Any unfinished objectives from either of those need to be completed by January 24th at 7 pm EST.

#1 - New Questline: Red Willow

A new questline, Red Willow's Eve, is introduced that involves Ray and concocting some potion. Completion of this will reward players with a new Outlander named Red Willow, with the following perks:

  • Standard Perk: Holiday Surprise
  • At the end of Phase Shift, trigger an explosion, dealing 20 base energy damage in a .75 tile radius. 
  • Commander Perk: Holiday Surprise+
  • At the end of Phase Shift, trigger an explosion, dealing 20 base energy damage in a .75 tile radius. Additionally, Phase Shift has a 60% chance to conjure a Phantasm.

#2 - New Weapon: Snowball Launcher

Back from the Fortnite vault, the Snowball Launcher is already available in the in-game store. It is a Legendary grenade launcher that uses rockets for ammo. It does 128 damage with a magazine capacity of six and a three-second reload time.

The Snowball Launcher
The Snowball Launcher

The Snowball Launcher has six perks:

  1. Water Element
  2. +30% Impact 
  3. +68% Crit Damage
  4. +50% Reload Speed
  5. +30% Damage to stunned, staggered, and knocked down targets
  6. Damage dealt snares target by 30% for six seconds

It is a fun weapon in Fortnite that gets better with Snare but is still outclassed by a Bazooka or Hydro-Launcher in terms of explosives.

Edited by Ravi Iyer

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