Winterfest 2020 coming to Fortnite: Start date, new LTMs and other details

Image via Epic Gam
Image via Epic Gam
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Epic Games finally announced the first major patch update for Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5, with Winterfest 2020 on the horizon .

Winterfest is undoubtedly the most-anticipated festive season event in Fortnite. Each year, Epic Games does something innovative to make it entertaining for players.

A massive section of the Fortnite community would return to the game simply because Winterfest is coming back. The event offers several gifts, LTMs, new weapons, and a bunch of new cosmetics too.

Thus, this is perhaps the best time to get online and grind through some snowy lobbies with friends.

Patch update v15.10 brings Winterfest closer to Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5

The latest Patch update v15.10 is designed to be an all-encompassing update. The major performance and graphic alterations added to both PC and consoles are genuinely exquisite.

The map has been covered with snow, and players are expecting to see some new winter-POIs in Fortnite. Epic Games might refashion some existing POIs or introduce new ones during the festive season.

However, Epic Games have not mentioned the official start date for Winterfest 2020. Similarly, the rewards and gifts have not been revealed either. Thus, this patch update might lay the foundation for Winterfest to arrive.

Subsequently, the patch notes given to creators highlighted some of the new inclusions coming to Fortnite. "Operation: Snowdown" was one of the prominent inclusions in patch v15.10.

The description mentioned that players would get to see a new NPC named Snowmando. Operation Snowdown is most likely going to be a legendary Quest. Players will get to earn several winter-themed cosmetics and two exclusive outfits.

Just like the other NPCs in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5, Snowmando will perhaps function with the gold bar currency. However, it is entirely plausible that Snowmando will reintroduce the concept of gifts in Fortnite.

Along with this, Epic Games mentioned that a "fan-favorite LTM" would be added with this patch update. This might point to Winterfest or another winter-themed event before the big reveal.

Fortnite fans have been eagerly looking forward to Winterfest 2020, and by the looks of it, Epic Games will add several LTMs before the actual event.

Similarly, "Spy Within" is an LTM being added to the game, which features new games made by top community creators. This LTM will is full of clues pointing to another significant collaboration.

The official description mentions, "The team of Spies must hunt down the team of Agents as the completey objectives. Don't act sus, or the Agents will vote you off the Island."

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

This subtle hint establishes a connection between Among Us and Fortnite. Perhaps, Epic Games is testing a collaboration through this latest LTM. It will be interesting to see how the voting procedure and task completion are integrated into Fortnite.

Nevertheless, Epic Games have not mentioned much about Winterfest 2020 in the December 15th patch update. However, Winterfest will likely be a prolonged event based on all these new inclusions.

According to several leaks on Twitter, there will be a host of new LTMs coming to Fortnite. iFireMonkey reports that almost seven new LTMs will be rotated in the Snowdown Shuffle game mode.

Inclusions like Rally Royale, Air Royale, Tilted Taxis and Catch, all remind players of the good old days in Fortnite. Chapter 2 - Season 5 has added several elements from the previous seasons, and perhaps there is more to come.

However, Epic Games had to disable the Snowdown Shuffle playlist as players were having issues with missing gold bars after playing this game mode. Regardless, it is expected to return soon after the currency issue is fixed.

Just like these LTMs, Planes returning to Fortnite after Chapter 1 - Season 7 is definitely going to be exciting for players. Simultaneously, Epic has gifted players with 50,000 season XP to get a headstart during the festive season.

Hopefully, players will have enough XP and gold bars to go ahead with some of the new challenges and quests. As Winterfest 2020 edges closer, this new patch allows players to get accustomed to the snow and the latest dynamic changes that are coming to Fortnite.

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