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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5: Top 5 leaks hints at Winterfest 2020

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 - Image Credits - FriendlyMachine
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 - Image Credits - FriendlyMachine
Dipanjan Dey
Modified 25 Oct 2020, 22:07 IST

Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4 has definitely been a celebration for fans. With multiple collaborations, and a season full of 'Marvelous' surprises, it seems that Epic Games have big things planned entering into Season 5. Although, there is a considerable section of the community which is not happy with all these collaborations. On the other hand, another faction of the community is eagerly looking forward to the collaboration with Ghostbusters. 

Simultaneously, Fortnitemares: Midas Revenge has been extremely successful for a festive event. All the Weekly Challenges have got players engrossed. Especially the ones where players have to find the Floating Rings at Steamy Stacks and where players have to dance at the highest and lowest spot on the Fortnite map

Similarly, players are enjoying their status of being a Shadow Zombie after dying. This mechanic has really impressed several. However, it has also invited a lot of criticism, especially because players can't get back to their standard avatar after dying. 

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Top 5 major predictions for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

As fans, this brings us to the crossroads where we speculate about what is about to come in Fortnite Season 5. While the majority is not looking forward to another collaboration, it is entirely plausible that Epic Games have plans already in motion. Fortnitemares is going to feature J Balvin in a concert. Thus, it is logical to expect something similar in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5. 

New snow-themed Map in Winterfest Fortnite Season 5


From what we have gathered so far, Fortnite will shift into a winter mode soon. v15.00 has already teased an NPC Snowman along with a Slurp Bazooka and a Fire Extinguisher. From the looks of it, Fortnite will also keep on with the Zombies. Several data miners have reported that v15.00 of Fortnite is already under testing. Roughly, Fortnite is five weeks away from entering Season 5. However, before that, all the loose ends that will be left by the Avengers as an aftermath of their battle with Galactus would have to be resolved. 

To make a logical guess, the current collaboration with Ghostbusters will lead the community into the festive season of Winter. Like every year, Winterfest is celebrated quite lavishly in Fortnite. With tons of events, cosmetics, and new content, Epic surely has a proper format for executing this idea. However, several players are wondering what would happen to the map after the Nexus War is over. Inner sources have revealed that Epic Games are done with their final iterations for the v15.00 update. 

Another collaboration in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5!


While players may or may not like it, it is quite certain that Epic Games will have another fresh collaboration lined up for Fortnite Season 5. Nevertheless, it is still early to predict whether this new collaboration will be of the same magnitude as we had with Marvel. Another leak confirms that the outcome of the Nexus War will not drastically affect the Winterfest. However, since Winterfest will have snow, it is plausible to expect a nuclear winter as the best-case outcome of the Nexus War.

Presents are going to return in Fortnite

To sum it up short, Fortnite has evolved beyond the realms of just a BR game. It is a global phenomenon now and a pop-culture platform for expression. Thus, it is entirely plausible that some of the OG Fortnite elements, such as presents, will return to the game. As a part of Winterfest, presents will be one of the best inclusions in Season 5. Not only will it have a nostalgic attraction for old players, but the idea of new items will also attract new players to Fortnite. 

Exclusive cosmetics for different platforms in Fortnite Season 5

According to a Tweet from HYPEX, the Ginger Renegade Raider is one of the confirmed items on Season 5. Similarly, Exclusive skins for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S are most likely to come out during Fortnite Season 5. Next-generation console skins are perhaps one of the major things to come in the next season. 

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New POIs and new Battle Pass in Fortnite Season 5


As Season 4 will be coming to a conclusion, speculations about the next Battle Pass has already begun. This is one of the most interesting aspects of Fortnite, as the Battle Pass attracts a massive faction of the community. Another collaboration might be in place, but Epic Games will definitely try to resolve the actual Fortnite narrative involving the Seven, Shadow and Ghost, Midas, Jules, Zero Point, and the Simulation. Perhaps the final live event of Season 4 will clarify what is about to come in Fortnite. 

According to a video by Mego, it seems that the cosmetics for the Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass have already been leaked. It includes skins like the Bush Wookie, a Llama glider, a new Dark Magic outfit, and a new look for V-bucks. 

With respect to new POIs, it is evident that after Fortnitemares has concluded, all the POIs will get an innovative look. It will be interesting to see what happens to locations like Stark Industries, Coral Castle, and several more collaboration related POIs. Winter theme will be taking over, but the question remains, will the map get another drastic change like Season 3? Perhaps this time in Fortnite, the map will be fully covered in snow. 

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Published 25 Oct 2020, 22:07 IST
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