How to unlock Fortnite Anime skin "Lexa" in Chapter 2 - Season 5

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Image via Sportskeeda
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Epic Games has officially announced Chapter 2 - Season 5, and players have the first Fortnite Anime skin.

The Avengers have triumphantly destroyed Galactus from one of the timelines and messed up several more. Agent Jonesy has also received with a specific mission.

His job will be to stop anyone trying to escape the Fortnite time loop, and he has hired a few warriors to help out. These fighters are available in the Battle Pass, and this is where players will find the first Fortnite Anime skin.

Epic Games finally comes up with Fortnite Anime skin in Chapter 2 - Season 5

Several content creators have mentioned how the Fortnite Anime skin resembles various references from popular culture. For instance, SypherPK pointed out how the Fortnite Anime skin looked like it got adapted from SpellBreak or Genshin Impact:

"This is the Fortnite Anime girl that all the weebs are going to go crazy about. You got some really cool edit styles. Her art style is literally like a cartoonish anime. This doesn't look like it's out of Fortnite; it looks like it's out of SpellBreak."

Lexa, popularly being called the Fortnite Anime girl, will unlock at the Battle Pass Level 73. She comes with an Epic emote, "Oh no!", as well as a Rare Null Claws harvesting tool.


To unlock the Fortnite Anime skin, players can either purchase the Battle Pass or buy the Crew Monthly Subscription pack in Fortnite. It is also important to note that they have to complete the 'Beskar Quest' to upgrade the Mandalorian armor.

Lexa comes with a futuristic back bling that matches her armor, which comes for free. Players can always purchase levels on the Battle Pass to unlock Lexa early on.

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

Perhaps one of the coolest features of this Anime skin is the Hunter Protocol emote. Lexa springs up in the air, and a layer of armor surrounds her body, resembling some Fortnite Anime warrior with nanotech.

Along with this, Epic Games has also introduced several other skins in the Battle Pass. The Mandalorian definitely will be the most popular skin of this lot. The publisher has even openly hinted at including several more 'Hunters' in-game.

Now is a good time to scour through pop culture icons with the label "Hunter." It is entirely plausible that some will be original to the Fortnite timeline, while others are incorporated from Disney, Marvel, DC, et al.

Although Galactus is defeated, the threat remains, with the Zero Point exposed. Agent Jonesy will investigate the matter with his team of Hunters, and players can join in with the Fortnite Anime skin equipped.

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