Fortnite: Where to find Wolverine on the map

(Image Credit: GameSpot)
(Image Credit: GameSpot)

Quite a few players in Fortnite are on the hunt for arguably the most well known mutant in the X-Men universe, Wolverine. The aggressive Canadian has been actually fairly difficult to find, but this is mostly because he can spawn over a massive area, as opposed to being confined to a single location.

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Where does Wolverine like to go in Fortnite

Wolverine can be found within the Weeping Woods and has a number of possible beginning locations. Unfortunately, these locations are not all that great for helping find him in Fortnite because Wolverine doesn’t seem to like to stay put. Instead, Wolverine will almost certainly be found wandering around, presumably on the hunt for something in the Fortnite map.

The best advice for finding and eliminating Wolverine would be to land in or near the Weeping Woods, grabbing some weapons, and then simply walking around on the lookout for someone wearing a bright yellow leotard. Wolverine is surprisingly tanky, and can self revive if you fail to eliminate him after knocking him down, so eliminating him in Fortnite will involve sticking close to him.

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What you’ll need to eliminate Wolverine in Fortnite

While eliminating bosses in Fortnite is usually fairly straightforward, Wolverine’s health pool and self-revives means that you’ll want to go into the fight slightly better armed than you would usually need.

Once you find him, be careful about simply free firing at him as he is strong enough to tank a few shots and get close enough to attack you. While Wolverine can’t do anything if you keep your distance, up close he can shred through your health and shields.

Some Fortnite players have found that you can build up to a higher location in order to make it harder for Wolverine to attack you, and that seems to be the optimal strategy at the moment.

Most important, however, is that once you’ve downed him you have to have enough firepower to eliminate him before he revives.

This can take multiple shotgun blasts, so be prepared to attack him as soon as he goes down.

Fortnite rewards for eliminating Wolverine

Of course, the reason Wolverine has become such a high value target is because this week spells the end of the Wolverine challenges. If you’ve completed all the previous Wolverine challenges in Fortnite, then eliminating Wolverine will unlock your very own Fortnite Wolverine skin.

The Fortnite Wolverine skin includes an alternate skin style, and lets you replace your pickaxe with his claws as well, making this skin a fair bit more involved than normal.

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