FromSoftware reportedly working on multiple new projects, tweet confirms new dev hires

Elden Ring promotional footage (Image via FromSoftware)
Elden Ring promotional footage (Image via FromSoftware)

FromSoftware put up a tweet on June 24 inviting new developers to come work with them on a couple of new projects. It also stated that they are looking to hire new developers to help them realize their mission.

The developer has an amazing track record when it comes to making video games, and this tweet provided an insight into what FromSoftware is going to be working on in the future. The highly-respected organization is currently reveling in the success of Elden Ring, which has broken numerous records and is easily one of the best games available.

FromSoftware’s tweet invites new developers to work with them

There are various positions available at the company, and some of these spots are related to programming, designing, planning, and more. Any video game developer living in Japan and abroad would definitely love the chance to work with the storied local studio.

The tweet also showed off the cover art of some beloved titles, including what seems to be Armored Core. The cover art for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice can be seen as well as Elden Ring, Bloodborne, and another currently unknown title. A Bloodborne remake/sequel is something that fans have been asking for, but the developer has yet to make any announcements in that regard.

The focus seems to be Elden Ring at the moment, but with this tweet, the scope of speculation has increased tenfold. There is no doubt that FromSoftware’s next release will be another success story, and the bit about "multiple new projects" has certainly piqued fan curiousity. However, with not much to go on, it's hard to tell what these new projects might be.


The Japanese studio first gained recognition with the Armored Core series, which has also been teased in the tweet; however, their first major success was 2009’s Demon’s Souls. It defined the Souls genre, and every game since has been better than the last. The titles are cult classics, and they proved that a market for challenging titles does exist.

Even four months since its release, Elden Ring continues to be popular among gamers. Given how beautifully it has been crafted, incorporating all of their key design philosophies as well as some new concepts, the game will undoubtedly receive DLCs like other Souls titles before it.

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