“The Convergence is nigh”: Mod team confirms development for a complete overhaul of Elden Ring

The Convergence Mod is under development for Elden Ring
The Convergence Mod is under development for Elden Ring
Maaz Ahmed

For fans of modding, The Convergence mod is coming to Elden Ring soon. The team behind the highly acclaimed mod for Dark Souls 3 has recently announced that they are working on a similar overhaul for FromSoftware's newest title. The announcement was made on June 13, 2022 and the team has supposedly commenced development for the mod, with fans all over the world gearing up with excitement.

Interestingly, The Convergence mod for Dark Souls 3 was revolutionary. It borrowed a ton from every FromSoftware game present and was an incredible overhaul of the base game. The well-made mod added new bosses, enemies and NPCs that could be considered 'canon' because of how well they were designed. The modding scene for the Soulsborne games has always been top-tier and the Convergence team are some of the best in the business.

The stars have aligned, The Convergence is nigh!The development has commenced.

To say the very least, Elden Ring is a technical and artistic masterpiece. Few games can be compared to the behemoth FromSoftware has put out. Like all Soulsborne titles, the game is incredibly open to modding, especially for talented modders who have already modded previous titles from the development company. The Ascended Mod and the Randomizer mod are some of the most popular ones, along with the newly released Seamless Co-op mod which allows for a seamless multiplayer experience.

The Convergence mod is in development for Elden Ring


The team behind The Convergence mod has always strived to improve upon the pre-existing elements that the original devs have incorporated. They never claimed to be overwriting FromSoftware’s masterful work, but added their own unique twists to it instead. The Convergence mod for Dark Souls 3 was rather challenging, which the original game already was. Seeing something of the same caliber for FromSoftware's newest title would definitely be incredible to experience.

The newest Soulsborne title is perfect as is, but with the creativity of mods, there is always room for improvement. Currently, the title has numerous mods that cover everything from adding more challenges to the game to changing up the overall aesthetic. Furthermore, players can download mods that allow them to add in different cosmetics and weapons from other popular media, which certainly adds to the game's replayability. The Ascended mod for Elden Ring makes the game infinitely harder and focuses significantly more on the RPG elements.

Another overhaul of the massively successful game is something that fans were not necessarily asking for, but still one that is welcomed with open arms. Elden Ring is already such a popular game and with the team behind The Convergence working on this, it will surely be the mod to download on Nexus Mods.

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