'Wheel of Time' co-author praises Elden Ring’s dungeon design and calls it a unique experience by FromSoftware

Wheel of Time co-writer has high praise for Elden Ring (Image via Sportskeeda)
Wheel of Time co-writer has high praise for Elden Ring (Image via Sportskeeda)

Brandon Sanderson, the author of The Way of Kings and Wheel of Time, is completely enthralled with Elden Ring. Last month, he posted a video to his YouTube channel showing off some of his gameplay in the massively successful Soulsborne title.

Sanderson seems to be enjoying every aspect of the game as he goes through one of the hardest dungeons. He is one of the all-time great fantasy and sci-fi writers. Hence, he appreciates the attention to detail that created Elden Ring.

A prolific writer, Sanderson is set to publish The Lost Metal: A Mistborn later this year. He is currently devoting his time to Elden Ring and has posted some footage of his playthrough. He has also taken the time to explain to his viewers his take on the game and how he tackles encounters in Elden Ring.

Sanderson prised Elden Ring's dungeon and enemy design


Elden Ring is a fantastic piece of art. It is doubly validating when a famous personality appreciates the things that make the title special. Sanderson has finished at least 70% of what the game offers.

In the video he posted, viewers can see him going through Giant Conquering Hero’s Grave located in the Mountaintops of the Giants. This challenging dungeon is recommended for players with Rune Levels (RL) above 100. Sanderson is at RL 65.

His build will make any Souls veteran blush. He power stances two colossal greatswords, with jumping attacks as his primary output damage. The Giant Conquering Hero’s Grave is one of the most challenging dungeons in the game and a unique bunch. The dungeon boasts some incredible attention to detail and can put unwary players in a pickle.

He has ridiculously low vigor and stats for this part of the game, but he justifies it by saying that it adds to the challenge, which also elongates the experience. He discusses dungeon design in the game and how repetitive philosophy is not present in abundance.

Sanderson gave players insight on how to get through the dungeon as well. He has good ideas for tackling problems, and his video has amazing pacing. He rarely misses anything. Watching him play is a treat for any gamer.

Sanderson delivered one of the most honest game reviews in this 30-minute video. Most gamers have criticized the title for being extremely harsh and unfair. This is a huge misconception and a horrible take on the Soulsborne title.

The game has a dynamic difficulty setting, and players can make the game harder and easier on themselves. Sanderson ended his video with this statement.

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