Genshin Impact leakers quitting after court orders Discord to reveal Ubatcha's personal details

Some leakers don
Some leakers don't want anything to do with the current legal trouble (Image via HoYoverse)

Multiple Genshin Impact leakers have chosen to stop leaking shortly after it was revealed that Cognosphere subpoenaed Discord to reveal Ubatcha's identity. This recent exodus of notable leakers from the community can easily be attributed to people not wanting to get caught up in any legal trouble.

It's no secret that Cognosphere, the publisher of the game, has been trying to curb the number of leaks in the past few years. For example, back in November 2021, it was reported that miHoYo was suing leakers for $78,200 in a lawsuit. The full details of the court order related to the Ubatcha's identity have not been revealed since it is an ongoing case.

Several Genshin Impact leakers are leaving due to Discord and Ubatcha legal fiasco

Y en efecto, parece que los leaks se detendrán por un tiempo.Diversos leakers han anunciado que dejarán temporalmente los leaks debido a lo sucedido recientemente con Ubatcha (fue doxeado por Hoyoverse) y ahora lo más importante para ellos será prevenir.#GenshinImpact

For your convenience, a translation of the above tweet states:

"And indeed, it looks like the leaks will stop for a while. Various leakers have announced that they will temporarily stop leaking due to what happened recently with Ubatcha (he was doxed by Hoyoverse) and now the most important thing for them will be to prevent."

The right side of the image shown in this tweet features several known leakers trying to distance themselves from this incident. It is worth noting that none of them have been publicly revealed to be involved in any legal trouble for leaking.

Several channels are also distancing themselves from this legal fiasco (Image via GenshinBLANK)
Several channels are also distancing themselves from this legal fiasco (Image via GenshinBLANK)

Discord channels that feature Genshin Impact leaks are also undergoing a complete overhaul. The above image comes from GenshinBLANK's channel, which was renamed to be a white rectangle followed by "Genshin Impact Domain."

Disabling invites on Discord is just one of several ways that leakers are trying to protect themselves. Not only that; they're also deleting leak-dedicated channels. Wangsheng Funeral Parlor is another example of a community that has gotten rid of such channels.

Context of Cognosphere going after Ubatcha

Discord may have to reveal Ubatcha's identity soon (Image via HoYoverse)
Discord may have to reveal Ubatcha's identity soon (Image via HoYoverse)

A court order was filed at the First Legal Records Support Services at 127N. 4th Street, Suit B, San Jose, CA 95112, by Cognosphere in an attempt to uncover Ubatcha's identity through Discord.

The important parts of the subpoena directed to Discord included:

"Discord is the service provider to which the subject of the subpoena posted infringing Cognosphere (the "Content"). The Content was posted to the following channel "Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Genshin Impact" (available at Uniform Resource Locator ("URL"): by user Ubatcha#2791."

Addressing the infringements, it goes on to state:

"The Content infringes Cognosphere's exclusive rights under copyright law. Specifically, it infringes Cognosphere's rights in its popular video game "Genshin Impact."

It is currently unknown if Discord ever revealed the leaker's identity to Cognosphere or not. It is also worth noting that while Ubatcha's Twitter account still exists, there aren't any posts on it anymore.

hyv getting a legal order for discord to release all information they have on ubatcha because he ignored months of DMCA notices and insisted on watermarking all his leaks and promoting them online... genshin clout really is cocaine for the terminally online

The Genshin Impact community has offered several different reactions to this ordeal. Those who support leaks are obviously disappointed by the news, while other people — like this Twitter user who made the post above — think the steps taken by Genshin's publisher are justified.

It is worth mentioning the leaker that Cognosphere is going after here also leaked some aspects of the publisher's other games, like Honkai: Star Rail. Until more news arrives, that's the end of this story.

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