Genshin Impact patch 1.3: Major changes on the way, devs discussion, and more

The developers at miHoYo have talked about upcoming changes in Genshin Impact
The developers at miHoYo have talked about upcoming changes in Genshin Impact
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miHoYo's developers recently answered questions regarding changes and updates coming with update 1.3 in Genshin Impact.

According to the official release, patch 1.3 will present a bunch of new features to improve the quality of life experience for Genshin Impact players. Additionally, miHoYo has confirmed the added support for controllers on devices running iOS 14 or higher.

From making changes to the Battle Pass reward system to multiple quality of life changes, miHoYo is willing to go the extra mile for the sake of player satisfaction.

On top of that, patch 1.3 for Genshin Impact will also be available for pre-installation on mobile platforms. The reason is to reduce the time taken to update game resources.


Here's everything to know about the upcoming patch 1.3 in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact patch 1.3

Previous leaks and rumors for patch 1.3 in Genshin Impact have suggested introducing two new playable characters in the game, Xiao and Hu Tao. Additional leaks also suggested eight new character designs to be introduced into the game.

However, the official announcement from miHoYo sheds no light on the upcoming content for patch 1.3. Instead, it talks about the mechanical and gameplay changes that players should expect.

Some significant changes coming with patch 1.3, as confirmed by the developers, are:

  • Pre-Install Resource Packages for mobile platforms to reduce the time taken for updating.
  • Additional in-game control features for precise movements and in-game calculations.
  • Introduction of controller support for iOS devices.
  • Fixed multiple character bugs such as electro-charged reactions triggering Fischl's talent even when they are not on the field.
  • Redesigned the Battle Pass reward system so that players can earn more Original Resin.

There are multiple other changes that the developers would like to implement in patch 1.3 for Genshin Impact. However, it is extremely difficult to speculate the contents of the final release from miHoYo before it actually happens.

However, with February coming and the Ganyu banner about to end in Genshin Impact, patch 1.3's release could be expected early next month. Here's a link to the official release from Genshin Impact's developers at miHoYo.

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