Genshin Impact releases an official interactive map to locate in-game resources easily

New interactive map for Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)
New interactive map for Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)

Genshin Impact fans are in for a treat as miHoYo is releasing a new interactive map of Teyvat for players to locate almost everything available in-game.

The release of this interactive map means that players will now be able to locate all forms of in-game resources, bosses, waypoints, and much more. Additionally, the map also presents players with an option to search for region-specific resources.

Apart from that, this new interactive map of Teyvat for Genshin Impact also features all the locations for open-world chests as well as puzzle chests. To make life easier for new players, the map even marks all the available World Quest locations in Genshin Impact.

Needless to say, an interactive map like this will massively improve the quality of life for Genshin Impact players. With update 1.5 scheduled to arrive soon, this interactive map will be a very useful tool for players.


Players can visit the new interactive map for Genshin Impact by clicking on this link.

Genshin Impact releases interactive map of Teyvat

Apart from the fact that the new interactive map will help all Genshin Impact players in collecting resources and defeating enemies, it also has a feature which allows players to locate specific regions of Teyvat according to their in-game names.

This feature will not only allow new players to get a much better understanding of Teyvat's layout, but will also be extremely helpful in learning about the vast map of Genshin Impact. Here's a list of all the locations that can be found bookmarked on the interactive map:


  • Snow Covered Path;
  • Entombed City - Ancient Palace;
  • Wyrmrest Valley;
  • Skyfrost Nail;
  • Starglow Cavern;
  • Entombed City - Outskirts.

Starfell Valley

  • Mondstadt;
  • Cider Lake;
  • Whispering Woods;
  • Starfell Lake;
  • Starsnatch Cliff;
  • Stormbearer Mountains;
  • Stormbearer Point;
  • Thousand Winds Temple.

Windwail Highland

  • Springvale;
  • Dawn Winery;
  • Wolvendom.

Galesong Hill

  • Windrise;
  • Dadaupa Gorge;
  • Cape Oath;
  • Falcon Coast;
  • Musk Reef.

Brightcrown Mountains

  • Stormterror's Lair;
  • Brightcrown Canyon.

Bishui Plain

  • Stone Gate;
  • Dihua Marsh;
  • Wangshu Inn;
  • Qingce Village;
  • Wuwang Hill;
  • Sal Terrae.

Qiongji Estuary

  • Guili Plains;
  • Luhua Pool;
  • Mingyun Village;
  • Yaoguang Shoal.


  • Cuijue Slope;
  • Jueyun Karst;
  • Qingyun Park;
  • Mt. Aozang;
  • Huanguang Stone Forest;
  • Mt. Hulao;
  • Nentianmen;
  • Tianqiu Valley.


  • Dunyu Ruins;
  • Lingju Pass;
  • Qingxu Pool.

Sea of Clouds

  • Liyue Harbor;
  • Mt. Tianheng; and
  • Guyun Stone Forest.

These are all the named locations available on Teyvat's new interactive for Genshin Impact players.