Ghost of Tsushima wins Player’s Voice Award at The Game Awards

Image via Sucker Punch Productions
Image via Sucker Punch Productions

With The Game Awards just two days away, the voting for Player’s Voice has concluded.

The beautifully rendered Ghost of Tsushima took the top spot as the player’s favorite. Just two days ago, when the third round of voting began, The Game Awards Player’s Voice Award looked like it was between The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima.

As mentioned before, these two game communities fed off one another, with backlash for one causing players to turn more heavily towards the other.

The Game Awards Player’s Voice

It seems fitting that these two titles would end up being the defining games of this category at The Game Awards. The Last of Us 2 inspired a very impassioned fanbase with its strong emphasis on characters and emotionally engaging story.

Similarly, Ghost of Tsushima relied immensely on having a likable and relatable lead character inhabiting a world soaked in flavor and a culturally appropriate backstory.

Of course, the other three nominees deserve special mentions, with Doom Eternal, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and indie smash hit Hades all putting up good efforts in their own rights. But at the end of the day, there really can only be one winner, and the Player’s Voice has spoken. Ghost of Tsushima is the ultimate victor for The Game Awards this year.

How Ghost of Tsushima took the top spot

There is no one reason for Ghost of Tsushima winning over its competition. As mentioned before, its characters were interesting and relatable, and its environment showed the team’s research and effort into its setting. Outside of that, Ghost of Tsushima pushed the power of the PS4 and created immaculately beautiful worlds for the player to explore.

While the game at times felt bloated with content, much of the tedium and repetition could be ignored if the player chose instead to focus on quests and progressing through the game. Naturally, this extra content allows players interested in it to expand their game at will.

Beyond that, the developers behind Ghost of Tsushima have shown an interest in supporting the game, providing additional content free of charge, which players responded to very well.

See the rest of The Game Awards in just two days

Although the Player’s Voice Award is complete, the rest of the awards are yet to be awarded. On 10th December, fans can tune in to The Game Awards live online at 6:30 PM ET (5:00 AM IST the next day). With 30 categories and over a hundred nominees, The Game Awards promises to be a fun and exciting chance to see this year’s best games recognized for their efforts.

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