Watch: HasanAbi meets Zoil in Amsterdam, is impressed by his height

HasanAbi met up with Zoil in Amsterdam, where the two compared each other's height (Images via Twitter)
HasanAbi met up with Zoil in Amsterdam, where the two compared each other's height (Images via Twitter)

HasanAbi is currently offering an IRL travel stream in Western Europe with some of his fellow streamers, including AustinShow and JakenBakeLIVE. The streamers visited London before heading over to Amsterdam, where they plan to attend TwitchCon 2022.

While roaming the streets of the capital of the Netherlands, they ran into plenty of stream snipers. However, one stream sniper they came across was fellow Twitch streamer Warwick "Zoil." Hasan was impressed by the Super Smash Bros. streamer's size and said:

"Look at this f****** behemoth, bro!"

HasanAbi meets Zoil in Amsterdam

When Austin ran into Zoil, a streamer based in the United Kingdom, he called Hasan over to introduce the two.

HasanAbi and the others had visited London on their way to the Netherlands earlier this week. The British streamer asked them how they enjoyed their time in London.

"I see you were in my home turf in the UK, how'd you like it?"

Hasan responded by saying he preferred Amsterdam to London.

"Not as much as I like Amsterdam."

Zoil pretended to be offended by the response before agreeing that Amsterdam was beautiful. Hasan then positioned himself next to the Smash Bros streamer and looked towards the camera and asked viewers to check out how big Zoil was compared to him. With his height and large build, Zoil towered over Hasan, who is quite tall himself.

"Is this how I make everyone else look?"

In the clip, HasanAbi says he is 6'4", well above average height. Zoil said that he is 6'7", and he certainly looks to be a few inches taller than Hasan.

The Turkish-American political streamer said that he considers himself to be of normal height, but that claim was put to rest when AustinShow stood next to the two. Austin is about 5'9", the statistical average height for an American male. Needless to say, he didn't offer Hasan and Zoil any competition as far as height was concerned.

Unless he's regularly hanging out with NBA stars, it's likely rare for HasanAbi to run into another person that's three inches taller than him. He continued to express his amazement at Zoil's size.

"I'm 6'4", I think I'm normal, but you are gigantic!"

While Hasan's idea of normal may be skewed, there's no denying that Zoil's height is quite impressive and probably a sight to behold in person.

Fans react to HasanAbi meeting Zoil in Amsterdam

Fans were impressed by how tall Zoil was, especially in comparison to Hasan.

One commenter called out Hasan for claiming he was "normal" height when 6'4" is actually quite tall.

While Hasan might be above "normal" height, he certainly looks to be of average height when standing next to Zoil.