"This is actually worse than OTK production somehow" -  Zoil makes fun of NASA's livestream

Zoil reacted to NASA's recent livestream (Image via Sportskeeda)
Zoil reacted to NASA's recent livestream (Image via Sportskeeda)

NASA hosted a special livestream on July 12, and several Twitch streamers like Zoil watched the broadcast with their fans.

The two-hour-long NASA presentation experienced a lot of hiccups as the stream's audio got cut out and the video broadcast paused and buffered in several instances.

The British content creator made fun of NASA's production by comparing it to that of One True King (OTK) and stated:

"This is actually worse than OTK production somehow. How?"

Zoil watches NASA livestream and makes fun of the production

On July 12, the James Webb Space Telescope released a series of spectacular, full-color images of deep space. The extravagant images took the internet by storm, leaving everyone in awe.

The following day, NASA hosted a special presentation on multiple media platforms like Twitch and YouTube to provide more context towards the discoveries they made.

Unexpectedly, the production quality of the stream was not at par, and content creators on the Amazon-owned livestreaming platform started poking fun at it.

After noticing significant audio delays and multiple instances of the screen popping up in the background, Zoil began comparing NASA production to OTK and stated that the latter does a better job at producing livestreaming events.

While the host was introducing science fairs all across the world, the main screen in the background started to glitch.

The British streamer hysterically began laughing and opened the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to show what was going on at the event:

"They're literally doing this! They're doing this dude on the f**ing, on a livestream of 100,000 people! Oh my god!"

Timestamp: 00:40:56

The minute-long clip came to an end as the presentation panned towards an empty theater in Milan, which elicited the following reaction from the streamer:

"Milan! There's just a guy sweeping! What is going on?"

The Twitch content creator continued to watch the NASA livestream for a few more hours.

Fans react to Zoil losing it while watching the NASA livestream

The streamer's clip made an appearance on r/LivestreamFail, and more than 40 fans were present in the comments section. Several Redditors made sarcastic comments:

Zoil is one of the fastest-growing Twitch streamers of 2022, whose popularity saw massive growth after he won the Up-and-Coming Streamer on NymN's New Year's Show 2021.

Aside from primarily streaming in the Just Chatting category, he is also an avid gamer who has played several games like Minecraft, Mario Kart 8, Fortnite, and Fall Guys and often collaborates with various other Twitch streamers.

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