Who is Zoil? A look at the winner of 'Up-and-coming streamer' for NymN's New Year's Show 2021

Twitch streamer Zoil won the "Up-and-Coming Streamer" award at NymN's New Year's show 2021 (Image via Zoil/YouTube)
Twitch streamer Zoil won the "Up-and-Coming Streamer" award at NymN's New Year's show 2021 (Image via Zoil/YouTube)
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Twitch streamer Zoil ended up winning the “Up and coming streamer” award at Elias “NymN” Mlayeh’s New Year’s Show 2021.

Zoil is a Just Chatting streamer who has registered exponential growth since March 2020 and is known for his unique gaming skills. The streamer has spent most of his time hosting chatting streams and plays various games such as Minecraft, GTA V, and Fall Guys.

Zoil himself seemed surprised when he won the award and claimed that he did not prepare a speech. The following article looks at some basic information about the streamer.

Best upcoming streamer 2021

A look at Zoil, winner of the “Up-and-coming” streamer 2021

Zoil was surprised when NymN told him that he had been selected as the winner of the specific category. The streamer thanked his viewers for supporting him and claimed that he had not prepared a speech for the occasion simply because he didn’t think he would win:

“Dude, I am not gonna lie I didn’t even prepare a speech. I didn’t think I was gonna win, but thanks to everyone who supported me throughout this journey. Thank you to my beautiful girlfriend, thank you very much.”

However, one look at Zoil’s statistics over the past few months makes it clear why the streamer won the award. Zoil had less than 33k followers on Twitch at the start of 2021. Since then, the number has risen to 82k. The increase in popularity has allowed Zoil to collaborate with multiple popular streamers, including the likes of Matthew “Mizkif” Renaudo and Maya Higa.


Zoil currently has only slightly over 1.3k subscribers on Twitch and was guilty of not hosting regular streams in the early part of 2021. However, since September, the streamer has regularly hosted streams at least 5-6 hours long and, as a result, has become one of the more recognizable faces on the platform.

Currently, not a lot of personal information is available about him. The streamer is British and is also active on YouTube where he has 5.19k subscribers. Winning the “Up-and-coming streamer” of 2021 award obviously makes sense as Zoil looks well on his way to blowing up in popularity in 2022.

my life a movie 😂😭🤣

Zoil is known for his unique gaming skills and seemed happy with winning the award. Apart from thanking his viewers, the streamer will now be hoping to kick on and truly blow up in the coming months.

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