“Are you serious?”: Twitch streamer Zoil accidentally triggers the house fire alarm during cooking stream

Twitch streamer Zoil ended up triggering his house fire alarm during a recent cooking stream (Image via Zoil, Twitch)
Twitch streamer Zoil ended up triggering his house fire alarm during a recent cooking stream (Image via Zoil, Twitch)
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Twitch streamer Zoil ended up triggering the fire alarm in his house during a cooking livestream earlier today.

The Twitch creator regularly hosts cooking streams and decided to cook "Beef Wellington" during the recent stream. He initially went off-camera to organize the kitchen and the ingredients he planned on showing off.

Zoil spent a lot of time preparing the steak but seemed to have overheated the pan he was cooking in towards the end. His Twitch viewers watched on as the smoke eventually triggered the house fire alarm.

Yo I’ll be on mayas stream at alveus in a few hours :) see u there xqcL

Twitch streamer Zoil overcooks steak during a cooking livestream, accidentally triggers the fire alarm

Initially, the Twitch content creator spent a lot of time deciding on what he wanted to cook for his breakfast cooking stream. The streamer plays a variety of games but spends a majority of his time hosting “Just chatting” streams. He eventually decided to cook a "Beef Wellington" and went to the kitchen to organize the ingredients.

The streamer showed off a sizable steak and spent a lot of time garnishing the meat thoroughly. However, when it came time to cook, quite a few of his viewers were left concerned. This was because Zoil seemed to be overheating the pan and had his cooker set to maximum.

Some of his viewers expressed concern, but Zoil seemed to be in control and was thoroughly focused on the steak. He flipped it towards the end and seemed to have burnt the garnish. As the kitchen filled with smoke, a fire alarm went off in the background leaving Zoil confused:

“No way, dude. Are you serious? Dude, How am I?”

The streamer lifted the pan off the cooktop and shut it off. However, the steak was already burnt and continued to emanate smoke. Zoil eventually left the dish behind as his roommates seemed to wake up. He walked up to the first floor and returned after speaking with his friend/roommate.

Viewers later got a look at the overcooked steak. The streamer decided to put it inside a blender and continued the cooking later. The fire alarm eventually turned off on its own, leading to a sigh of relief from the streamer. The cooking stream could have gone worse and some fans commented that the streamer could have burnt his house down.

Image via r/LivestreamFail, Reddit
Image via r/LivestreamFail, Reddit

Viewers on Reddit seemed to share their concerns as well. Zoil might not be the best cook, but he is known for his unique gaming skills. The streamer has 69.3k followers on Twitch and plays various games such as Mario Kart 8, Minecraft, GTA V, and Red Dead Redemption 2.

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