“Now open”: NymN’s New Year's awards voting is now open

The voting polls are open for NymN's New Years Awards (Image via NymN/YouTube)
The voting polls are open for NymN's New Years Awards (Image via NymN/YouTube)
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The 2021 New Year Awards, hosted by Twitch streamer NymN, is now open for voting from anyone who wishes to have their voice heard in terms of what they think were the best, funniest, and most awesome clips of the year 2021.

The award ceremony highlights many classic clips and memorable moments, allowing for anyone to submit their own video they want to see represented.

NymN's New Year Show - VOTING IS NOW OPEN!--> <--Results to be presented December 30th. Retweets appreciated :)
"Voting is now open!"

After careful selection, there are a handful of clips for voters to choose from under categories of Best Funny Moment, Best PogChamp Moment, and many more. However, it seems that a few voters aren't quite as happy with the nominated selections as they took to Reddit to discuss this year's New Year Awards from NymN.

Highly popular streamers make appearances with their clips in NymN's New Year's awards for 2021

Massive amounts of votes already thanks everyone!!Remember that even if your favorite streamer/clip/thing wasn't in the nominations we're saving a lot of runner-ups for compilations & highlights for the actual show. So hopefully you'll still enjoy your stay on the 30th! 🥳

Streamers such as Mizkif, xQc, Jinnytty, and dozens of others had their Twitch video clips submitted to vote on for this year's best streaming moments in various categories. The issue that some voters talked about was that the nominated selections aren't worthy of the award and seem slightly misrepresentative.

@nymnion There are so many great things that deserved a vote, this is gonna be difficult.
Really proud & excited to announce I've been nominated for an award on NymN's New Years Award Show! specifically ''Best fan art''you can go and vote at the link below

A fan commented:

"This is a little bit biased mister nymn awards man PokiSmug"

While NymN is the host of the New Year's Awards, he has quite a bit of influence in which clip/media is selected for the voting process. Most think that if a submission doesn't have substantial support from a big streamer, it won't be nominated or even looked at.

One user commented:

"When you look at upvotes it only has 13. But guru hasanabi had only 7 and that was in the final selection? I thought the most upvoted ones win, but i guess i just assumed that."

The New Year's Awards are great for reminiscing over clips seen throughout the year, and the last year's award brought about some meaningful memories.

watching the nymn new years awards and forgot alex trebek died this year and then the reckful tribute at the end .......... bro

The award results will go live on December 30, 2021, so fans should make sure they vote on their favorite clips soon.

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