"He’s terrible at football" - KSI takes shots at Tommy Fury's performance in Soccer Aid 2023

KSI trolls Tommy Fury following the Soccer Aid Football Match (Image via Sportskeeda)
KSI trolls Tommy Fury following the Soccer Aid Football Match (Image via Sportskeeda)

UK YouTuber, boxer, and musician JJ "KSI" expressed his thoughts on Twitter about Tommy Fury's performance at the Soccer Aid for UNICEF event yesterday (June 11). The Englishman took a playful jab at Fury, also a boxer and television personality, stating that the latter should only stick to boxing since his performance was underwhelming.

Given the ongoing rivalry between KSI and Fury, and the fact that they are currently in discussions for a potential fight later this year, JJ took the opportunity to comment on Fury's performance in the game. He said:

"Tommy fury should stick to boxing lmao, he’s terrible at football."

How did Tommy Fury fare in yesterday's Soccer Aid for UNICEF? KSI trolls the boxer

Despite Tommy Fury's undefeated record in professional boxing, he may not possess the same level of skill in football. Given his substantial size and weight, it is likely that a sport that demands swift movements and agile footwork may not be the most suitable choice for him.

Despite the perceived skill mismatch, Tommy Fury won by representing the World XI team. For those who missed the match, Mauricio Pochettino was the manager of the World XI side, leading them to a resounding 4-2 victory over the England XI team.

Despite the win, however, Fury's performance elicited a host of trolls online. Here are some notable ones:

It's worth noting that Tommy Fury also had a few words to say about JJ before the kick-off. According to the boxer, he is open to a potential fight against YouTubers such as JJ, Jake Paul (as a rematch), and Logan Paul. It remains to be seen when and if his proposed fight with JJ takes place.

KSI is scheduled to participate in the upcoming Sidemen Charity Football Match 2023. Last year's match already showcased the involvement of prominent streamers and YouTubers, including Darren "IShowSpeed" (YouTube streamer), George "GeorgeNotFound" (Twitch streamer), Jimmy "MrBeast" (YouTuber), and Karl Jacobs (Twitch streamer).

Anticipation is high for this year's event, as the YouTuber is expected to play a significant role for Sidemen FC. His team secured a thrilling 8-7 victory against the YouTube All-Stars the previous year.