"A dark day for Hearthstone": Community reacts to Blizzard making Battlegrounds pay-to-win

Based on fan reactions, the recent changes to Hearthstone
Based on fan reactions, the recent changes to Hearthstone's Battlegrounds have not fared well. (Image via Blizzard)

Hearthstone and Blizzard have either deliberately or accidentally stepped into a major controversy by implementing their latest system. The new Tavern Pass has been included separately for the Battlegrounds mode, and players haven't taken kindly to the new change. A major complaint is due to the mode now directly becoming pay-to-win for many players.

Blizzard has had a reputation for introducing elements across its games that don't sit well with players. While Battlegrounds isn't a typical mode in Hearthstone, it has had its fair share of admirers. Unfortunately for many of them, the mode is no longer sustainable in the long run because of the new changes that have been introduced.


As soon as Blizzard implemented the change, players took to social media to express their frustration. From casual players to professional streamers, there has been no shortage of criticism for Blizzard. Some have even called it a dark day for the game, which genuinely sums up the overall reception.

Blizzard makes Hearthstone Battlegrounds pay-to-win with recent change

It all began with an exclusive Tavern Pass, and Blizzard decided to bring a new system to Hearthstone. The card game is free-to-play, and has often induced the company to implement changes that could be felt unfair by some.

To date, the ability to choose heroes before the start of a match in Battlegrounds has been done with in-game gold. Fortunately, this resource can be earned by simply playing and completing different quests. However, the new system allows the ability to be enjoyed only by paying real-life money.


Naturally, players are unhappy with this change, with some even considering it evil and arbitrary. While all users can choose the heroes, those who decide to pay will have a greater choice. A greater choice directly translates into more ways for players to dominate the match.

CEO Bobby Kotick is already under fire for having dealt poorly with major accusations against abuse of power made against the company. It seems like Blizzard's latest move will further affect his image within the community.

For most players of the game, Hearthstone Battlegrounds has now become completely pay-to-win, following the latest change in systems.

Some distraught players are even quoting lines from pop culture about the recent changes made by Blizzard. They feel that this system is something that players shouldn't agree with.

One Twitter user felt that Blizzard should be ashamed of the decision they have made.

Others are looking at the positives with the recent change in Battlegrounds as they plan to invest more of their time into real-life activities by simply not playing the game.

Hearthstone has been at the center of several controversies over the years. Many feel that the cost of expansion and an ever-changing meta forces people to spend more to stand a better chance at winning.

While Battlegrounds might not be a part of the traditional ranked mode, the latest move is likely to disappoint many in the future.

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