"Hiroshima, Nagasaki!" - Controversial streamer Johnny Somali disrupts ongoing Zoom call to seemingly harass Japanese people

Johnny Somali disrupts Japanese Zoom call (Image via Kick/Johnny Somali)
Johnny Somali disrupts Japanese Zoom call (Image via Kick/Johnny Somali)

Kick streamer Ismael "Johnny Somali" has stirred up controversy once again. After being out of the spotlight following his arrest in September 2023 in Japan, the streamer has returned to making headlines with questionable actions. He streamed himself joining a Zoom call with Japanese participants and proceeded to make insulting remarks.

The streamer, who typically engages in IRL streams, has recently transitioned to computer streams. Continuing his pattern of troublemaking, he began hurling insults, referencing the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks. He exclaimed:

"Hiroshima, Nagasaki! We do to you again. Fukushima! Hiroshima, Nagasaki! You know what we do to you ni**as."

Johnny Somali returns to streaming, starts to disrupt Zoom call with Japanese people

Johnny Somali isn't well-received in Japan. He has previously faced arrest and fines for his disruptive behavior in the country, which involved public nuisance and harassment of individuals.

For instance, in one of his streams, Johnny Somali was observed blasting loud music as he boarded a train. On another occasion, he bothered a Japanese man on the train by mockingly suggesting that he would recreate the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks.

It seems that despite his time in Japanese custody, the streamer hasn't learned his lesson. During a stream yesterday (March 6, 2024), he managed to obtain a code for a private Zoom meeting, which he entered and proceeded to disrupt by hurling insults and causing disturbance.

His antics can be seen here (Timestamp: 07:52:51).

Making mocking insinuations about Hiroshima and Nagasaki can be deeply offensive to the Japanese people, and referencing the Fukushima nuclear accident, which occurred in 2011, only adds to the insensitivity of the streamer's behavior.

Johnny Somali recently (March 5, 2024) shared his experience of being in Japanese custody. The streamer disclosed that he was unexpectedly taken to jail after being approached by several police officers:

"So I am assuming they noticed that and started following me for 30 minutes. I go into the convenience store because chat is like go get a drink. I come out, this motherf*ker has 12 cops with him, 12-20 cops with him. And I am like, 'What the f*ck, I am cooked, it's over. It's game over.'"

He also disclosed that the shifts of the police changed every 24 hours, resulting in him experiencing different behavior from different officers during his time in custody.

He is now out and has resumed streaming once again. As of this writing, he hasn't faced any repercussions from Kick.com.

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Edited by Ritoban "Veloxi" Paul
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