Honkai Star Rail patches exploit that allowed changing the color of text in bio

Honkai Star Rail patches the text exploit
Honkai Star Rail patches the text exploit (Image via HoYoverse)

Towards the middle of patch 1.0 in Honkai Star Rail, the community stumbled upon a particular exploit that allowed them to customize the text on their bio. With the help of a few command tags, players could promptly alter the text colors and apply effects such as bold, italics, and more. However, it was brought to the attention of HoYoverse before they patched it up, reporting it as a violation of the game rules that could potentially result in an account ban.

Everything about patched text exploit in Honkai Star Rail

Players discovered the aforementioned exploit while experimenting with various commands after encountering broken in-game texts that appeared in a coded format. Especially when colored alphabets or numbers were denoted by HTML commands instead.

Thus, by inserting similar tags, Honkai Star Rail players could customize the text on their bio from the game menu. Moreover, it allowed them to add various effects and apply any color as long as they used proper hex codes, which can be found online.

That said, when the feature blew up in the community, Trailblazers were quick to jump on the bandwagon, surging the exploit usage in-game. In fact, various content creators shared the list of commands.

Unfortunately, for those enthusiastic to show off their display text, the issue was quickly resolved when HoYoverse deployed a hotfix, blocking the feature once and for all. Additionally, every change made via command tags was reverted to default.

Developers detected every profile that actively used exploitatory means to send violation notices via the mailing system, warning them about the penalties, which can extend to a complete reset or ban on their account.

Any alteration using HTML commands can easily bypass the profanity filter. Hence, it is understandable why the developers were quick to remove the exploit, given how it could have raised a major security concern going forward.

As of writing, the text customization feature does not exist in Honkai Star Rail. However, a similar component exists in Honkai Impact 3rd, where players can change the color of their messages using hex codes. Considering how the specified title belongs to HoYoverse, the Star Rail community would also like to enjoy a separate text customization option, especially when a new chat box is set to release in update 1.1.

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