Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores complete trophy list: How to unlock every achievement in the DLC

All trophies and achievements in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores (Image via Horizon Forbidden West)
All trophies and achievements in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores (Image via Horizon Forbidden West)

Horizon Forbidden West’s DLC, called Burning Shores, is now live. Fans are finally getting to try out everything that Guerrilla Games has to offer with the expansion. With a new story to enjoy, along with side quests and secrets to explore, there is a lot to unpack.

The expansion map will be almost one-third the size of the one present in the base game of Horizon Forbidden West. This has left many in the community wondering about the trophies and achievements that they will be able to unlock.

Below is a list of all the trophies that you will be able to obtain in Horizon Forbidden West's Burning Shores DLC, along with the achievements that are required to unlock them.

All trophies and achievements in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores


Here is a list of all the trophies you can get your hands on in the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC:

1) Visible Trophies:

Reach Level 60 (Bronze)

  • Reached Player Level 60: Horizon: Forbidden West's level cap was 50, so Aloy must level up ten times to claim this trophy.

Used Brimshine (Bronze)

  • Used Brimshine to purchase one outfit and one weapon.

Equipped an Elite Coil or Weave (Bronze)

  • Equipped an elite coil on a weapon or an elite weave on an outfit.

All New Machines Scanned (Bronze)

  • Encountered and Focus scanned every new machine in burning shores.

Recovered All Aerial Captures (Bronze)

  • Discovered and completed all Aerial Captures.

Used Grapple Strike on Machines (Bronze)

  • Used Grapple Strike on five unique machines.

Killed Machines while Gliding (Bronze)

  • Killed five machines with the Specter Gauntlet while gliding.

Killed Bileguts and Stingspawn (Bronze)

  • Killed five Bileguts and 50 Stingspawn.

2) Hidden Trophies:

All Quests Completed (Gold)

  • Completed all main and side quests in the Burning Shores.

Discovered the Ascension (Bronze)

  • Located the missing Quen and discovered Londra's plan to leave Earth.

Confronted Londra (Bronze)

  • Uncovered the truth of Londra's plans for the Quen and rescued Seyka's sister.

Aided the Quen (Bronze)

  • Helped the Quen of Fleet's End recover priceless knowledge and rescue those held captive.

Defeated Londra and His Horus (Silver)

  • Defeated the awakened Horus and put a stop to Londra's plans.

All New Skills Learned (Silver)

  • Learned all new skills in the Burning Shores (30 total).

Specter Gauntlet Upgraded (Silver)

  • Fully upgraded the Specter Gauntlet

Cauldron THETA Core Overridden (Bronze)

  • Reached the core of the Core of Cauldron THETA and accessed its information.

Completed the Dino Digits Quiz (Bronze)

  • Recovered all Pangea Figurines and completed the Dino Digits quiz.

Recovered the Delvers' Trove (Bronze)

  • Recovered all Delver Trinkets and unearthed their trove.