How to catch Glalie in Pokemon GO - April 2021

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic
Brandon Moore

Glalie is a dangerous Ice-type Pokemon that can be a solid addition to any trainer's Pokemon GO collection.

This pure Ice-type creature looks just as scary as it genuinely is in battle. Trainers should prioritize adding one to their team, as it does wonders against powerful Dragon-types.


Right now, Pokemon GO trainers can get their hands on Glalie by being patient and calm when it comes to hunting one down. Here is how to catch Glalie in Pokemon GO.

How to catch Glalie in Pokemon GO - April 2021

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

The most common way that Pokemon GO trainers will obtain Glalie is by evolving Snorunt, which has two evolutionary paths. One of them is the frightening Froslass, and the other is the mighty Glalie.

Snorunt appears in the wild like any other Pokemon. Snowy weather will boost its spawn rate. Catch as many as possible to gather Snorunt Candy, and once 100 Candy have been gathered, it can evolve into Glalie.

Currently, in April 2021, Glalie is in the Raid rotation for Pokemon GO. This will be perhaps the easiest to capture for the time being. Easy here is accessibility because trainers still need to battle and force it into a Poke Ball.

Be careful if you are in an area where it is still snowing, as Glalie will be even stronger in a snowy Raid battle. Still, it shouldn't be too hard with the right amount of trainers to take one down.

As an Ice-type, it is weak to Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel-type attacks. Any Pokemon GO creature with one of those types and a move to match will get a Same Type Attack Bonus and deal massive damage to Glalie.

Just hope for the best when trying to capture it after coming out of the Raid victorious. There is still a decent chance that it may break out of the Poke Ball and be a frustrating challenge.

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