How to get the Cyprus Nell outfit for free in Fortnite Season 5

Cyprus Nell
Cyprus Nell

Fortnite's Reese is an intergalactic beast hunter who was once a Galactic Ranger. Cyprus Nell hails from this same unit and is the closest thing to a father figure Reese ever had. The ranger will be heading to Fortnite soon, and players will have the chance to get him free before he hits the Item Shop. More than just male Reese skin, Cyprus sports a more soldierly look than Reese's rough-and-tumble hunter look.

Here's how Fortnite players can get Cyprus Nell for free before it goes on sale.

Fortnite: How to get the Cyprus Nell outfit for free

On March 11, Fortnite will host the Cyprus Nell Cup, a Duos tournament where players can earn the Galactic Ranger's skin before it comes to the Fortnite's Item Shop. As with many character cups, the Cyprus Nell cup will take place in the Arena format, with each Region starting at a different time and having different ranking conditions to earn the Cyprus Nell skin and his Quantic Pulsar back bling.

Scoring for Duos is similar to other similar Fortnite cups, with each Duo earning 60 points for a Victory Royale, 2 points for each Elimination, and a range of 54 points to 1 point depending on how they rank in a match. Each duo can take part in up to 10 matches during the Cyprus Nell Cup's three-hour period in hopes of placing high enough overall to win the skin.

Cyprus Nell
Cyprus Nell

Prize Ranking by Region

The prizes for ranking in each region are the Cyprus Nell skin and the Quantic Pulsar back bling. Each Duo will have three hours to play up to 10 matches to try and be included in the winning ranking bracket for their region.

Europe: 1st - 1,125th

NA East: 1st - 575th

NA West: 1st - 250th

Brazil: 1st - 250th

Asia: 1st - 125th

Oceania: 1st - 75th

Middle East: 1st - 100th

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